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Chronic vertigo, head pressure, motion sensitivity

Posted By Glenn on December 08, 1998 at 23:47:38:

I have suffered from this condition since I was an infant.  I am now 25,
and still do not have a diagnosis, much less a treatment.  My symptoms are
getting worse with time and now disrupt every aspect of my life.  The major
symptoms are:
- pressure throughout the head, especially between and just above the eyes
  and at the base of the skull
- chronic vertigo, aggravated by head movement.  The vertigo is a feeling
  of non-specific motion, as if the room is gradually moving but I can't
  tell exactly which direction.  Sometimes feels like sensation one gets
  when a neighbouring car begins to move and you feel like you are moving
- When turning my head, especially quickly, feel a "tugging" sensation at
  the base of the skull, accompanied by a wave of dizziness/vertigo
- Head symptoms often accompanied by nausea and hot and cold spells
These symptoms are present daily to varying degrees.  They seem to wax and
wane somewhat over a period of weeks; recently though, "good" days have
been few and far between.  I may bring on an incapacitating
attack by over-exerting myself or moving my head too quickly.  The attack
consists of EXTREME vertigo, nausea vomiting.  I become hypersensitive to
movement (i.e. if someone lightly touches a foot it sets off waves of
vertigo and vomiting) and light.  The attacks generally last 24 to 36 hours,
during which time I am completely incapacitated and cannot even tolerate
to be moved.
During a recent attack I was admitted to hospital and given Demerol, gravol
and a saline solution IV.  I was feeling better the next day than I have
in the last several years, even though I have had the Demerol and gravol
before, without major effect.  Could fluid levels play a role in this?
An MRI (taken at the hospital when the symptoms were all but gone) was
Primary inner ear problems have been ruled out.  Basilar migraine and
migraine-associated dizziness have been suggested but pretty much ruled
out now because of the chronic nature of the problem.
Do you have any suggestions for possible diagnoses?  Is it possible that
CSF pressure could be excessive and cause the symptoms?
Thanks for any help you can provide!

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