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Cluster Headache or Something worse

My problems started last year with minor headaches but they weren't chronic, I took cingular and zyrtek and they went away.  Then about 4 months later, This past Jan to be exact, I came down with the flu.  I had severe coughing and it actually lasted about a month and a half before it all went away.  I had bruising, from the coughing, I developed Plurisy, esophagitis and gastrisits and these headaches.  I was given everything from Avalox, to protonix, lodine and methyprednisone  just to name a few.  I had to ER visits where I was given EKG and Cardio enzymes were checked, all looked good including chest xray.The other stuff is kind of gone but the chest wall pain and headaches have stayed with me.  Since Feb. I have had headaches on the right side,  the stem from my neck right along my mastoid to sometimes directly behind my right eye.  I had an ENT check and was told nothing was wrong with my mastoid.  OK...so now, I have my headaches and my chest wall pain.  I just found out I have astigmatisms in both eyes and am in the process of getting contacts.  WHEW!  My biggest question is having these headaches, should I be worried?  They are mainly on right side of head, on occassion they goto the left  but not too bad,  I have had them this long and don't feel like anytihng else has been effected.  I have no problem with my speech or motor skills.  I was worried something tumerous could be going on but have since then been releived because they are now beyond chronic but still just headaches.  I have looked all over the net and have gotten alot of info on cluster headaches,  Could this be anything for me to be afraid of since its gone on this long without any other problems?  I just need some insight on all of this.  Somew times I do have congestion on right side and was wondering if it could be a sphenoid sinusitis.  I am not really a freak out here but am just tired of being miserable.  They aren't severe and Im not sensative to light like a migraine it's just all getting annoying.  Help if you can, TX
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Yes if these headaches were due brain tumors definitely by now you would have got other symptoms.
I would say wait till you start using contacts, if the headaches still persist it is better to get them checked out.
Meanwhile make sure you do not skip meals, maintain hydration, sleep at your normal bedtime, be physically active and cut down on caffeine and alcohol if applicable in your case. Let me know if you need more information. Take care!

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Do you think I need to be too concerned with them lasting this long?  I went from being totally healthy to headaches every day and just cant seem to shake them.  I have not had an MRI or CT and noone has suggested one.  I have been told if they were something dangerous for this long I would have other things going on in addition.  I just get scared when I get one but feel relieved when I can still make them go away with Excedrin.  Thanks for your reply, TX
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How are you?
The pain in the chest wall seems to be a muscular pain and can be the result of all the coughing due to flu. A mild OTC pain killer will help in easing pain along with alternate hot and cold fomentation.
It is possible that the headache is due to sinusitis. You can take steam inhalation twice a day and see if it helps. Astigmatism can also cause headaches. I think you will feel better once you start wearing corrective contacts.
If the headache still persists, please get your self clinically evaluated by a physician. Do keep us posted!

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