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Colon problems

I have had problems with my colon for the last 9 years.  It started after the birth of my last child and the subsequent tubal ligation.  At first I could not have a bowel movement without a laxative.  I began to include more fiber in my diet, exercise more, and drink more water in an attempt to remedy the problem. I used a natural colon cleanse product for a year and a half. These attempts produced slight improvement. I began drinking prune juice every morning which helped. I then went through a series of colonics and enemas.  There was a noticeable improvement, but still the problem exists.  My symptoms now include:  Constipation, gas and bloating, pressure on my rectum and lower back pain much of the time, forced stools with lower back spasms following.

I had a colonoscopy done 6 months ago and everything looked fine.  My question is:  Could my constipation be the result of nerve damage or hormonal imbalance, and if so, how would I go about determining the problem and a possible treatment? Any help would be appreciated.  Thank you
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Dear higirl:

I am sorry that your having constipation.  I wouldn't think that your constipation is due to "nerve" problems.  Other that the constipation you do not indicate that a neurological cause may be probable, i.e. symptoms.  I might check out the lower back problems, there are times that delivery can induce some lower lumbar problems.  However, this usually does not cause constipation problems.  What does your GI specialist think about your GI problems? I think I would pursue this area as the source of the problem.  You are doing the correct thinkgs in trying to increase your fiber.  


CCF Neuro MD
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Hello, I was just wondering if you were ever diagnosed with anything? I'm just curious. I have had some similar symptoms and have to go for a sigmoidoscopy tomorrow.
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Hi, higirl and Buggs; I just came back from the GI doctor.  I have been constipated for several weeks now; my referring doctor was concerned that I might have polyps; but the GI is leaning more towards neuropathy.  I have diabetes, and have neuropathy in my extremities.  So you might want to be checked for diabetes, if you have not.  I don't know yet about treatment as we don't have a final diagnosis for my constipation, but I hope you both get better.
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