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Concerned about left thumb twitching, occasionally the right one too.

I have almost constant twitching/spasm in my left flexor pellicis breva (palm, under thumb), which is causing my thumb to twitch.  Occasionally, it also occurs in my right hand.  No pain, but concern.  Do I need to see a doctor?  my brother was recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s and years I had a malignant brain tumor.
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Hi.  believe it or not, this is fairly common and rarely serious. Here is a whole article on it. https://www.healthline.com/health/thumb-twitching  How is your sleep?  Lack of sleep is on the list for things that can cause this. Another cause is if you exercise a good bit even things like running or weight lifting can cause thumbs to twitch.  Stress can be involved and we can have benign twitches.  There is really a whole hosts of reasons it could happen and while some ARE serious, those normally have other symptoms as well so would not immediately go to those thoughts.  Tremors are something most people will have at one time or another.  Since you  had a malignant brain tumor, I can see why you'd have additional concern and yes, I'd bring it to the attention of your doctor.  How long ago was that?
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