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Confirmed bulging disc

I have gone through a few diagnoses since a workplace injury one is tension headaches and  the other is post conccusive symptoms.
It finally has been confirmed through an MRI over 15 months later to be a bulging disc. I would like to know how a bulging disc could be related to the above diagnoses or if over time could a bulging disc occur from those diagnoses.
Also, is there any thing i can do by myself to heal severely limited funds, i work at a physical job dealing with a variety of weights, and waiting for treatment approval.
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You can have a bulging disc and post concussion syndrome that happen at the same time or at different times.  The INJURY you had may have caused them both, but the PCS would not cause a bulging disc, nor would it happen vice-versa.  I took a few notes for you, below, concerning treatment.  Medicinenet.com is a great website for all sorts of info on both your conditions, and at one of the below links, under the section for treatment, it actually says how you should tell your employer how you might not perform as well as you used to.  Hope some of this stuff helps you figure out what to do.

more treatment info on concussions:

more treatment info on bulging disc:

summary of some inexpensive concussion treatments:
(NOTE: most docs treat PCS symptoms separately, so not one definitive treatment)
1.  clinical trials, visit website:
you can do a search there and see if you can participate in a current trial where they're recruiting people for PCS
2.  tylenol for general discomfort (not aspirin, increases bleeding)
3.  new approach:  sports medicine exercise program, cost effective:

inexpensive bulging disc treatment:
1.  Cortisone injection at site
2.  Pain medications
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I've had 2 bulging disc and they ruptured. Resulting in 2 different neck surgeries.  Now have a metal plate in my neck. Now have severe pain in my elbow down to my fingers.
Also have poor currculation in my feet. So try to really research these bulging discs.
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To Ryah:
Since you addressed your post to me, I'm not sure what else you want me to do... The websites I gave, they tell the first poster all about treatment for bulging disks, including surgery, so that ought to give him the "research" he needs.  However, he was looking for something inexpensive, so I focused on that as best I could in my further notes.  Also, he was asking about the relationship between his head concussion symptoms and his bulging disk, if one caused the other, which the information I gave him does not conflict with what you're saying about all the terrible problems you've had with your disks.  

Ryah, perhaps I am misunderstanding what you're saying in your post, but I'm unfortunately aware of what can happen to a bad back, as I broke mine in three places from a wreck, my disks vaporized on impact when the car I was riding in crashed head-on into a ravine, and I am on disability as a result of that and a constellation of other serious problems.  

Again, as to you suggesting I need to "try to really research those bulging disks," I think the websites I gave him take care of that.  So, sorry if it sounded like I was minimizing his disk problem, which I was not; rather I was responding exactly to what the original poster asked.  Perhaps you could re-read what he wanted to know in the first place, and then my answer might make more sense.  I hope this explanation corrects any problems you may have had with my response, please let me know, I do not want to hurt anyone.  And I sincerely hope you have a smypathetic doctor to give you the continuing treatment you still need for your situation, too, because I had to go through several docs to finally find some relief that people like us so desperately need.
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