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Constant Dizziness/Unsteady feeling

I'm looking for anyone who has felt these or similar symptoms to tell me their story in hopes that It might illuminate my own situation.  For about 3 months now, I've been feeling dizzy every second of every day.  If I move my head too quickly, or if my head is in one position (like laying down) and then I move it to another position I get very dizzy.  It also get dizzy sitting at the computer and looking down at the keyboard and the back up at the screen, or when I'm walking and I look to either side I get dizzy.

Also, when I am walking or standing I often get the feeling of falling over even though I have not actually fallen or been unsteady.  I just feel like I'm constantly about to fall over.  I also feel like it's hard to concentrate while this is going on.  I feel sort of like I'm in a fog or like I'm floating and not really a part of what's going on around me.  I have NOT had any hearing problems associated with this, and my vision seems fine as well.

I have seen my Primary Care doctor about this and he referred me to an ENT.  The ENT ordered a VNG test.  When the results came back, my doctor didn't really seem to be able to provide a clear diagnosis but he thought it may have to do with my central nervous system.  He put me on a diuretic (triamterene-HCTZ) but I had to go off that because I actually became more dizzy and often felt that I was on the verge of passing out (while driving for instance).  Then he put me on something called betahistine which I can only get from England.  It's too early to tell if that's helping or not.  I know it's hard to diagnose these disorders, but any feed back could help me at least feel like I'm not alone with all this.  Thanks.
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