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Constant Maxiliary Pain/Pressure (for 2 years)...help my face hurts!

About two years ago I went to an ENT with a reccouring sinus infection...was told I have drainage problems as well as allergies...had sinus surgury in Sept 2006 to help with this problem...I still feel like i have a sinus infection, my CT came back normal with slight maxilary sinus congestion...I was then referred to a neuroligist because my headaches became more and more just facial pain...my face hurts constantly...was diagnosed with tension headache and my MRI came back normal....

I don't know what to do anymore my pain is the worst as soon as i get up in the morning and ranges from 3-7 ( on 1-10 scale)as a daily average...I don't think this is a tension headache. I'm not under stress to cause this "tension" Why does my face hurt 24/7?   ...Also when i wake up i often feel like i have fluid behind my ears?

ibprofin helps with the pain but is only a temporary fix....I feel like i need to find the cause of my pain not treat the symptoms... Please Help!! Any ideas what could be wrong? How to help?

Thank You
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hey, i saw this post was from last year but i thought i'd see if you've found any relief. i have all the same symptoms and they're driving me crazy! (for about six months now, maybe more)
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Thanks for the response...No, unfortunately I have had no relief... I've tried quite a bit of different medicines...mostly anti-inflammitories and nothing seems to work better then ibprofin at this point...Let me know if you find something that works! ( I've also been trying to strengthen my neck and shoulder muscles to try and releve some tension so hopefully that might help a little) Best wishes!
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Hi, I have experienced very similar issues. My face pressure even prevented me from wearing glasses because the glasses put pressure at the bridge of my nose. I have severe allergies to pollen and ragweed. Instead of treating my allergy symptoms, my doctor prescribed an anti-inflammatory medicine called Mobic. My doctor said that the pressure made my facial bones super sensitive to the touch. Mobic has worked pretty well - might be worth a shot!
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