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Constant drunk/dizzy feeling


Can anybody please help me get rid of this constant drunk/dizzy feeling? I have this feeling 24/7 for 2 months now and I cannot live like that anymore. Please if anybody recognize symptoms, please contact me directly or in the comment! PLEASE. I was so active 27 years old female before all this started, and right now I cannot live my old life at all.

I've tried to list all my symptoms as they developed in 2 months:

- diplopia (double vision) diagnosted by opthalmologist
- blurred vision
- tired eyes, eyes in slow motion (worse in environment with too many objects),
- little flies  and sparkles in my eyes (too much)
- dizzy feeling, feeling drunk 24/7
- photophobia, light sensitivity (especially under fluorescent light, supermarkets)
- lights stayed burned in my eyes for long time
- aching neck
- headache - (not anymore, as I am trying to go to physiotherapist once in the week)
- extreme fatigue
- aching lower back (I cannot bent in my back)
- aching joints, knees
- enlarged lymph nodes (underbelly and arm pit)
- sleepless nights, disturbed sleep
- twitching of muscles all over body
- clouded mind, cannot think straight
- difficulties with writing on PC
- peeing almost evry half hour, immidiately after drinking water
- clumsy hands, all things fall out of my hands almost constantly


- CT, MRI, EEG, ENG, EMG, VEP, lumbar tap, lot of blood tests - everything came out clear, VEP - visual EP were in borderline values on left side, thyroid was checked, inner ear was checked. Neurologist ruled out MS (sclerosis multiplex), psychiatrist ruled out panic and anxious attacks as well.

I will try to make it as short as possible. I would be really glad to get some responses, as I am so desperate and depressed and lost right now. Everything started in jun 2015 - I've got kidney infection, I was in hospital for 2 weeks and after I was released, everything was fine. Then in august I've got another kidney infection, same situation. After that, everything was getting worse. I was constantly sick, I have flu almost every other month. Then I've got rush at October 2015, on my skin, big pink spots, pale inside. Rush wasn't itchy, so I wasn't worried. Rush disappeared after 3 months. In February I've developed all symptoms mentioned above. I was thinking about neuroborelliosis, but they tested me twice and boreliosis was negative. Please, please help me somebody.
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Some of your symptoms suggest migraines. Migraines can cause all sorts of sight issues ( ocular migraines ).
Other symptoms suggest Meniere's Disease. This is an inner ear disturbance that causes a drunk/dizzy feeling. Could also be a simple ear infection/sinus infection.
Other symptoms suggest pregnancy or perimenopause. ( I don't know your age)
Pinched nerves/nerve damage can cause many of your symptoms as well.

I know this doesn't help much, but I can see why you are exasperated.
I wish you well, and hope that they figure this out for you soon.
Hi, thanks for the response. I am 27, not pregnant. Migraines as well as Maniere's Disease were already ruled out. I am so lost, as nobody can help me :(
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