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Constant elevated blood serum WBC and SED rate = Ostero Arthritis???

I've had constant elevated blood serum WBC (always 14.1 or over) plus an elevated SED rate (usually around 36) for the past 7 years. At night I often wake up soaked from night sweats.

My dr. keeps asking if I have an infection. Urine tests always come back normal but the WBC and SED rate always come back elevated.

It's my left hip which causes me the most pain. When I sleep on my back, I have a hard time rolling over as the joint seems to have locked. When I am finally able to roll over, the result is always incredible pain (as screaming-type of pain).

Now the majority of my joints seem to ache at the same time. Both hips, both knees, both ankles, both wrists. Even my shoulders ache!!!

Does this sound like ostero arthritis? I always thought it only affected one joint, never all joints at the same time.

And what can I do to deal with the constant pain? Is there anything natural I can take?

Thank-you for your suggestions and help!!
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This does not sound like osteoarthritis. If in addition to the above symptoms you have also had weight loss, a diagnosis like polymyalgia rheumatica may be considered. Otherwise non-specific inflammatory conditions and inflammatory arthritis may be considered. A rheumatologist would be able to evaluate this for you. Good luck.
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