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Constant ringing noise in right ear

  I have had a constant ringing noise in my right side of my head/ear for the past several months. I saw an ear, nose and throat specialist after it started. he concluded that I had hearing loss in that ear, (in the high tones, however I do not notice it that much). I was given steroids, which didn't help. The doctor said nothing was abnormal with the ear what so ever. I was then given an MRI and that showed everything was fine too. He concluded that it may be viral, then basically said to wait for it to go away. I wasn't around any loud noises (music, guns, etc.) I had no head trauma either. I am unable to relate it to anything I may have done. The doctor suggested "white noise" to over shadow the ringing, which helps until I am away from such noise. However; loud noise seems to make the ringing louder.  It has been continous from the start. I am a 23 year-old male. No other symptons accompany this condition, with the exception of minor, occasional dizzness.  
Dear Bill,
I agree with your doctor that with a negative MRI and isolated tinnitus,
observation is the best thing to do.
If you have other symptoms such as numbness in the face (same side) or weakness of the facial muscles on the same side, then it should be investigated further. Dizziness (true vertigo) is  a sensation that the room is spinning, is also non specific and can certainly accompany your symptom of tinnitus (ringing in the ear). Let's hope it goes away soon.
Good luck.

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