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Continued seizure activity

My husband has had partial frontal lobe complex seizures for 15 years.  They steadily progressed from staring episodes to passing out.  He had a brain operation to remove the affected left hippocampus and partial frontal lobe 5 years ago.  During the operation, he suffered a mild stroke on the left side and was left with stiffness and numbness.

Before and after a seizure (usually during sleep where he slams the wall with an arm or leg repeatedly and then cannot be awakened, waking up later acting normal that day), his left side is numb and very stiff, sometimes painful.  His head feels like it is spinning, but the room is stationary.  His brain feels like it is floating, fuzzy.  His own speech and other people's speech seems to start and stop, break in the middle and sounds mumbling at times.  "Something is changing", he says.  It's upsetting and frightening for him.  He becomes euphoric, laughing and happy at times.  He goes around cleaning and cleaning to excess and says he has to do something.  He overdoes exercise to the point where his heart hurts and his mind races.  All this while he says his mind is twisting, but his numbness is better after he walks or moves.

Sometimes the words he says and hears other say are clear.  Then, they break off.  He tries to watch TV and then finds himself off somewhere else.  He is not passing out.  He is very edgey and wants medicine to get better.  He feels like he might die.  His mind won't stop moving.  His thoughts are that he is brilliant, and he's thinking so many things at one time.

He has been on 4000 mg of Keppra a day for over 7 years.  They want to put him on Lyrica, staring with 50 mg.  He has a growth on his head that has been diagnosed as squamous cell carcinoma, extending to deep resection margin.  The Mose procedure will be performed in April.

The seizure activity described lasts for a few days after a seizure and doesn't occur all of the time.  It happened in October, 4 months ago.  Otherwise, he experiences night seizures and is fine in the ensuing days.

Can you tell me what he is experiencing?  Is there any way to help?  Appointments with the neurologist are few and far between, and I feel at a loss.  

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