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Could I have Fibromyalgia?

My symptoms are: Headaches everyday and aura migraines a few times a month that start with my ears hurting, then it starts to hurt in my eyes and forehead, from there to my perietal lobe and then the back of my head, by then it has usually turned into a migraine and it's like looking through a straw in my right eye and I can see a lot of funny looking dots floating and out to the sides is like a bunch of lines in the shape of a circle that I can't see through, In my left eye, I can't see anything on the left side (If you take a circle and half it)- Tried esgic, lyrica, Imitrex, Maxxalt, and a lot of others that didn't work including all over the counter meds, Depakote ER was what I took last which made me eat a lot and as the mg was increased only at night, I got deathly sick to the point I couldn't hold up my head.  I was started out on 500mg for one week- didn't work, 1,000mg for one week- didn't work, 1,500mg, then a sudden change to 2,000mg= 4- 500mg tabs in the morning.  I had to quit it.  I'm now waiting on a starter kit for Lamictal at my pharmacy.  I have back pain, mainly lower when I stand up or walk for long periods of time (starting around 20 minutes)- I have taken indocin, ery tab, soma, naproxyn, and many others I can't think of. Chronic Constipation- I was born with.  I have taken all the OTC meds including pure fiber that didn't help.  I have had many colonoscopies, sigmoid scopes, ect.  The first one revealed ulcerative proctitis in the first 10" from my rectum up into my colon.  My surgeon now dissagreed and because the doctor who done my first test moved, he couldn't get the results, tape, or pictures of the ulcers.  For a few years he couldn't find why I was having constipation and abdominal pain.  The last colon scope revealed I have a redundant colon (2 extra feet of colon) He will not remove it unless it causes me a lot of trouble, which has come back and is now causing me trouble.  I go once a week, sometimes once every two weeks.  And then sometimes I can go three times in one day.  Usually when I eat foods like fried eggs, oily food, or pork which they all cause severe abdominal cramping.  I was also diagnoised with IBS.  I have had a few blockages.  Sometimes the left side of my stomach will swell almost the size of a football and is hard and very painful.  I was on 5 prescribed meds 5 times a day for awhile, but not much improvement.  I have leg pain- When I'm sitting on the couch with my legs streched out, I am constantly moving them in different possisitions because one will start hurting.  It's worse if I'm laying on one side for a bit.  My left leg is the worse.  My left foot goes numb and tingles, my back and neck kills me so to speak if I sit in the floor and I have to get up.  I have carpal tunnel in both hands.  I've been diagnoised with Adult ADHD, Bipolar 1, Anxiety, depression, Insomnia, and sleep apnea.  I'm supposed to use a CPAP set on 7, but my mask is torn and I can't afford a new one.  Medicaid will not pay.  I now take Concerta- 90mg in the morning, Wellbutrin XL-450mg in the morning which was changed from 300mg yesterday.  I take 2mg of Klonopin at night to help me sleep but I still wake up everytime I turn over.  I can also take 2mg of Klonopin during the day if I get to stressed.  I've done that once.  Now, with a bit of my history and symptoms including my neurologist said there is a very high possibility I may have it, do you think I may have Fibromyalgia since all my test are always normal?  If so, what test can I take to confirm it if there is such a test?  What are your thoughts if you think it's not?
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