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Could a lingering infection cause neurological problems?

A year-and-a-half ago, I came down with symptoms including congested sinuses, sore throat/swollen lymph nodes in the throat, and periods of feeling flushed. My primary care physician cycled me through two antibiotics, but it didn't help. Those symptoms have lingered since then, occasionally joined by periods of other problems such as nausea and burning/itching without rash. Tests for valley fever (I live in the desert) and low B12 came back fine, and my PCP hypothesized that I had a post-viral, chronic fatigue syndrome-like thing, minus chronic fatigue. He referred me to an infectious disease specialist, and I've been waiting for months to get in to see the guy.

One symptom that has come and gone throughout all this is a feeling that there's a low-level charge running through my nervous system. It makes me feel somewhat weak and on the verge of trembling. It's also been accompanied by heavy legs, feeling of wooziness, and deep muscle aches in my thighs.

However, a month ago, that low-level nervous system unease blew up into surges of a powerful cringe-like (but not painful) sensation blasting though my body, especially if I made certain movements with my back or head. I also had periods of drifting into a spacy mental state, especially if my head was in a reclining position, and occasional ringing in the ears. Sometimes I'd get flurries of muscle jolts, much like restless leg, and my right hand and foot started to feel kind of dead. Then my right hand - especially the pinky - turned into a lighting rod of sensitivity, so that any movement or contact triggered the unbearable cringe sensation. Next, both of my arms became terribly weak, such that holding up a cell phone to my ear became too much. I can no longer do fine muscle movements, like writing, with either hand. I've also had a lot of nausea and dry mouth, but I wonder if that is more a result of anxiety caused by the other symptoms.

Through it all, my sinuses have been terrible. In addition to heavy congestion under my cheekbones, I've had pains in my forehead, behind my eyes and up to the top of my head.

My PCP ordered an MRI of my head to look for signs of a tumor, lesions, etc. The results haven't come back yet. He referred me to two neurologists, but neither can fit me in and I call ever day to check for cancellations, to no avail.

Meanwhile, I'm wondering if the nagging infection I've had for the past year-and-a-half, which seems to have really gotten worse in my sinuses of late, could be responsible for this latest bout of neurological symptoms. Any ideas? Thanks!

BTW, I'm a 47-year-old male who had previously been living an active lifestyle with no health problems other than low thyroid. I take levothyroxine and my thyroid levels have tested fine throughout all this.
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