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Could this be related

I was diagnosed in 1991 with bilateral peroneal nerve palsy/tibular palsy(?) after squatting and kneeling for about 8 hours in total while doing a roofing job. I had almost no feeling below my knees and the most affected part of each leg was my ankles and toes. I had to walk by swinging my legs forward, as I could not move my ankles. I worked for an airline at the time and my job was to kneel and load aircraft. This was restricted by my neurologist until I regained most movement in my ankles. This took anywhere from 3-6 months for improved movement, and almost a year or more before most symptoms subsided. I also had bilateral S.C.F.E. during the ages of 12-15. I still have pins in my right hip. I've also had nervous bowel since age 8. (IBS/IBD worse if I felt full)
In 2004 I was diagnosed (with MRI) with l4-5 bilateral herniation with early stenosis noted at the same level. There was nerve compression, hypertrophic and degenerative changes of the posterior facet joints throughout. I was put on PT and conservative therapy until the pain left my legs. It didn't all leave, but was somewhat tolerable. I injured this same area 4 months later after picking up my two year old niece. After another round in PT, the pain was improving, but difficult to live with. I've also had much bladder dysfunction since the original injury. In 2007 I had another MRI that indicated disc degeneration and desiccation at all levels, posterior central disc protrusion at l2-3 and disc bulging at l2-s1. I have not worked since 2004 and conservative treatment isn't working. I lost my insurance in 2005, so it's been difficult to get this far already.
My question isn't solely about my spine, but could all these nerve issues be caused by a nerve sensitivity issue. Could any compression of my nerves (i.e. spine, legs, intestines, shoulders and neck) be more of an issue for me, because of past history and nerve injuries? If I were able to see a neurologist, should I limit it to my back or should I ask if there is any connection with nerve issues?
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