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Cystic lesion and syncope?

  3 weeks ago, my husband had a syncopal episode shortly after he arrived at
  work.  He had shortness of breath, chest tightness and pressure, tingling
  hands and lightheadedness.  He also gets the shortness of breath from just
  walking from room to room, or from talking for a little while.  He gets extreme
  headaches on the left side from the occipital area to his eye (not throbbing).
  His blood pressure in the ambulance was 200/110.
  He was hospitalized for 3 days and released with a holter monitor.  All
  tests (blood work, chest x-ray, eeg, carotid artery scan, echocardiogram,
  CT scan) came back normal.  4 days later another incidence of syncope,
  same symptoms.  Stress test came back inequivicable, V/Q scan was normal.
  Was sent to a larger hospital for a heart cath which was clean.  All blood
  work, 24 hour urine, second echocardiogram, pulmonary function tests were
  normal.  Arrythmia doctors saw no abnormalities.  Brain MRI showed some
  sort of lump.  MR Venogram and angiography shows a cystic lesion near the
  superior sagittal sinus, possibly an epidermoid cyst we were told.  The
  neurologist stated that this was "just an extra thing they found", not
  related to his symptoms. One week after hospital release, another syncopal
  episode, same symptoms.  Hospitalized for 36 hours with no diagnosis.
  We have an appointment with the neurosurgeon next week and maybe he can
  shed some light.  Just wondering if it would be possible that this cyst,
  being so close to the sagittal sinus could be restricting blood flow causing
  these symptoms.  Getting quite frustrated.
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Dear Wendy:
Typically lesions of this sort do not cause syncope. It is however very difficult to make a judgement without being able to see the MRI. I am wondering if your husband is having seizures for this leasion that are manifested by these syncopal episodes. I would strongly suggest seeking the opinion of a neurosurgeon with regard to this matter.
Good Luck!

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