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Daily headaches, whooshing, ear pain, fatigue

I have been experiencing excriating headaches daily with migraines as well since late October.  I'm currently up to between 4-5 headaches a day, and 1-2 migraines.  For three months now I have been driven almost mad by the extremely loud whooshing noise in my head. It seems to get worse when I lean forward in the slightest bit, even if I try to lay on my stomach, go to the bathroom, or pick items up.  I've been extremely tired, and can't concentrate.  I've been having sharp pain through my ear canal but several exams have shown everything looks okay.  Sinus xrays came back negative for any findings.  My bloodwork and blood pressure looks great.  At first my neurologist thought pseudotumor cebri but the tests came back negative for that.  I'm currently on depakote, magnesium, naproxen, and imitrex for the headaches & migraines.  It doesnt even seem to phase them at all.  No luck prior with topomax, midrin, motrin, etc.

Other symptoms: May not all be related
MIxing words together or having problem finding the right word, mispronouciation (even my own name)
Blurred vision
Kidney pain / urologist thinks stones
Loss of bladder
Bone pain in midlength of shinbones and arm bones (not joints)
Burning/ biting sensations on feet
Limbs go numb or pins and needles
Weakness in arms/ legs
Loss in coordination
Dark circles under eyes

Prior surgeries:
Gallbladder removal
Subtotal Colectomy
Appendix Removal
I also had Lymes Disease & Meningitis at age 6 resulting in some brain damage.

Any ideas on this would be appreciated.  I am scheduled for a MRI & MRA with contrast tomorrow.  Then I will wait an additional week for results.  
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I forgot to mention I'm 28/f.
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Can anyone help me out? Anyone have any similar symptoms?
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I have the same problem. the whoosing started 8 months ago and I want to stick a toothpick in my ear. As for your other symptoms i have many of them too but never thought about them. I went to a foot doctor for the burning in my toes and he thought it was strange. I totally have the mixing words up and the  mispronouncing of them too. what is really strange is I have the best memory and can remember anything and I never have to write anything down and now I can een remember what I did last week on my day off. I went to an ent and now they are making me get a cat scan and a mrv and mra to check for tumors.
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Still sounds like Lyme disease, would look into that further,maybe it wasn't wiped out completely whn you were you. I have the same probs and am trying natural remedies as I know the nhs tests can be very inaccurate, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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Sorry about the spelling, last comment was meant to be " when you were young "
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I know how you feel!  I have grown up giving speeches and now I can barely string together a few sentences without mixing up words.  My mri /mra came back clean though.  My gp is still trying to find answers for me.  I have been hit with three viral infections within the past 5 weeks, so thats not helping :-(
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I was perfectly from about 6 mos after my lymes episode until I was 18.  Then everything started getting wacky.  Unfortunately alot of it is bad genetics. I have gotten everything that has existed in our family tree and then some.  My uncle oddly enough is experiencing alot of the same symptoms I am.  Hopefully with two of us searching for answers we will find one sooner.
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The head and ear pain (also blurred vision) you have I learned that I get them (and maybe you too) from being over- exposed to radation -- cell phones, wifi wireless routers, cordless phones -- all these give off radiation in the near area even when they are not in active use.

The tingling and burning I get from electric fields of appliances.  The condition is called electro sensitivity or electromagnetic sensitivity -- it might be worth looking up on the web.

Best of luck and feel better
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I get the whooshing too......It is so annoying.  I do have sinus problems, allergies and high blood pressure, all which I think relates to it somehow.  I also "hear" things that are not there = like doors slamming in my head or sounds like people are running through the house..I can't tell if they are in my head or not.....It is crazy.  Everything I have read says that this is not anything to worry about. Let me know what you hear.  Best of luck.
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Have you seen someone for meniere's disease?  Its an inner ear fluid problem that causes all sorts of other symptoms, and the whoosing. My father went undiagnosed for a year, then had some surgeries and medications and is doing better now.  there are still alot of questions about the disease, but maybe that could be your answer?  There are doctors that specialize in treating this, so perhaps you could ask them?  Best of luck to you.
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I haven't had a doctor address that yet.  Now they are checking me for allergies and sending me to a hematologist to see if they can find out what is going on with me.  I'm going to research that now. Thank you!
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They are currently checking me for allergies as well but I don't have any problems nasally, just my ears and throat.  Besides the whooshing, lately I have been getting a sound like Rice Krispies in my other ear, kind of like static on a television.  Which is no help when you have a migraine :-(
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I have all of the same symptoms and lyme disease
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I have the EXACT same symptoms! I see that you posted this in 2008 so I am hoping you figured out what it is and how to fix it. I did have a kidney transplant in 2006 but since then I have been completely healthy, until now. Any help would be so greatly appreciated! Thank you!
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