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Damaged the vagus nerve

After i stopped taking anti-depressents it feels like i done damage to my vagus nerve...i get constant ripping sensations in my ears...I have a pain in my upper stomach before a bowel movement or if i'm going to burp...i also get odd thoughts when i feel my vagus nerve is stimulated in some way...like before a bowel movement, gas or a burp...the ripping sensations also happens that way also....it's really quite odd...i wonder if i done damage to my vagus nerve...and if it will go back to normal....
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It seems that you are more anxious person.
The vagus nerve  is the 10th cranial nerve that has the most extensive distribution in the body of all the cranial nerves, innervating structures as diverse as the external surface of the eardrum and internal organs of the abdomen.
Damage to one vagus nerve results in hoarseness and difficulty in swallowing and speaking. Injury to both nerves results in increased heart rate, paralysis of pharyngeal and laryngeal musculature, atonia of the esophagus and intestinal musculature, vomiting, and loss of visceral reflexes. Such a lesion is usually life-threatening, as paralysis of laryngeal muscles can result in asphyxiation.

It would be advisable to have an appointment with a physician and have an complete examination.
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It would be hasty to blame the anti-depressant. Did you stop the anti-depressant suddenly ? And what was the anti-depressant ? Some anti-depressants, if discontinued suddenly, may give rise to some vague symptoms (unlike yours). Also it would help if you could mention why you were taking the anti-depressant.

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yes i did stop my anti-depressant suddenly...the symptoms started when i started taking them...and it scared me so i stopped...i am a very anxious person so i'm trying a lot of breathing techniques to get me through this anxiety and depression...i was taking celexa but only for 4 days for anxiety/depression
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