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Degenerative Diseases

After the MDA Dr. ruled out Charcot Marie Tooth, I was diagnosed with Idopathic Peripheral Neuropathy. In addition, I have bone spurs and bulging dics in the c5-c7, and the ulnar nerve. I have had surgery on both of my ankles due to peroneal longus and brevis tendon nodularities and ruptures.  I know where KAFO's.  

I have been told that my PN should level out in within this next year. Now after an MRI on my ankle I an told that I have chronic degenerative tendons/tendonitis.

In 06/2007 I had my first surgery on my left ankle, my right ankle was fine. I was told that this was a progession that is slow, six months later my right foot hurt worse than my left foot.

Since both the tendonitis and the Peripheral Neuropathy are not cureable or completely understood, how can a Dr. predict the future progression rate of a disease? Is this based on the average information that has been recorded in the medical journals?

Now I flinch at night mostly in my feet and hands, I have a tremor/vibration in my hands and legs, loss of motivation and energy, my hands tingle from the tips of my finger tips to my wrists when waking up, my hands swell at night and in the day time I feel like I have cold, numb skin from the elbows toward the fingers.

How can one get motivated or energized felling like that?

It would seem that I would be wheel chair bound in a year or two at the rate this thing are going.

There may not be anything that can prevent what is happening, GOD does not make mistakes!

However I would love to understand my health and know that all of my health issues link together.

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