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Demyelinating disease

I am a 33 year old female. Last August I was running and my legs gave out all of a sudden. I fell, went to the ER, and they did a CT where they discovered an abnormality. They did an MRI that showed Demyelinating disease that the radiologist said could be indicative of MS. My PCP sent me to a neurolo who noticed a slight left hand tremor, & some minor balance issues. The spinal tap, VEP and blood work all came back neg for MS, Lupus, Lyme, etc. He was still thinking that it was MS, possibly early onset, and sent me to an MS specialist. She said that it was probobly a one time event & to get a 2nd MRI at the 6 month mark.. The 2nd MRI on the same machine showed new lesions & that some of the existing ones had grown. I went back to see the specialist & she still said that because everything else was negative & I was not showing major symptoms that she could rule out MS. I have talked with my main Neruo & he still thinks it is MS, but wants to wait for more symptoms to appear. I feel like I am caught between two different opinions. I have told both that I have been having dizzy spells since before the accident.I even went to an ENT for a full workup that didn't discover anything.  They last only a few minutes & I have described it as looking at the world through a kaleidiscope. Also, the left hand tremor gets worse when I am lifting something. I have also said that I am more fatigued than normal, and that being hot makes everything worse. I generally said that since last spring I just feel off, but it is hard to really explain. I am not sure what to do, and don't feel like I should just keep a wait and see attitude. I also feel like they have been only following the MS path, when it could be a lot more things. I have copies of both radiology reports if that would help, but really I am just looking for some guidance on what to do with two different doctors opinions that conflict.
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Hi Sunshine,  There is a specific Multiple Sclerosis forum on this Medhelp site; I am a member there and so are a lot of people with various "MS" like stuff going on, which it sounds like may be your case.  Go there.  The people are great and you will find lots and lots of good info on how to proceed.  God bless you, Amy
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Hi,  I have been having lots of  weird things happening to body lately...making the round of doctors.....I have been on internet looking and I am convinced that I have lyme disease.....course the doctors said no.....but I would encourage you to research this possibility..good luck,,,DIANNE.
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