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Dexamethasone injection and pregnancy

I'm 29 weeks pregnant. My pregnancy is considered high risk as I had a previous pregnancy less than a year ago where i gave birth prematurely at 25 weeks after which my baby died. My gynae has now suggested that i take a dexamethasone injection to help my baby's lungs develop better in case of premature birth again however i have been reading on the internet that this shouldn't be used during pregnancy. Can you please clarify whether this injection is harmful or useful to my unborn child.
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Where did you read that it shouldn't be used????  My background is in pediatrics with 10 years spent following Very, Low Birth Weight premies after they graduated from the NICU.  In that part of my practice all those premies had birth weights less than 2 pounds!  So that is my subspecialty in pediatrics.  Whenever I was called to a premie delivery and we found out that the mother had not received steroids we were very worried  - and ususally rightfully so when the baby had breathing problems.

In high-risk pregnancies where a premature delivery is a concern, I would think it was malpractice to NOT give steroids so that the infant has the best chance of enough lung maturity to survive.!  It is the standard of care and has been researched beyond belief.  The data is so strong that the infants survive better with stronger lungs after the mother has received steroids.  I strongly recommend that you follow your OB's recommendation.

Some people are especially noisy online with their "steroid phobias".  The reality is that in the right situation steroids may be the only thing that can save a life.  They are potent and must not be used carelessly, but when they are needed THEY ARE NEEDED.  

Now we would hope that a woman wouldn't need daily steroids during her whole pregnancy.  This is a very different thing.  That can cause problems with the baby's long term development, but the use of one or two injections between 24 and 33 weeks is absolutely the right thing to do in cases of possible premature delivery.

You are doing the right thing to try to double check for your baby's safety.  On this issue you can relax and I hope your pregnancy ends on time and safely.  I'll be thinking of you, Quix
Thank you Quix for your subjective advice - I am in that very situation (of high risk pregnancy - 45 years old, and have been told I will have to be induced at latest 38 weeks). My OBGYN prescribed Dexamethasone 2 injections 12mg and I was worried about taking steriods. Your response made complete sense and I feel much better. Again - thank you!
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I have taken 1st dose of dexamethasone at 11am I forgot to take next dose can I take 2nd dose next day
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