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Digestive Enzymes

  I have been going through a battle of fatige all my life.  I wanted to lie down even in department stores.  I started taking digestive enzymes and to my great surprise my fatigue vanished.  It is so profound that I find myself taking the time to share this with others.  I feel like a modern day "Rip Van Winkle".  In this day of prepared foods and fast foods it doesnt take long to have a shortage of digestive enzymes.  When the body is shorted it takes them from the body cells.(metabolic enzymes). This allows digestion to take place but allows the body to be distressed in other ways including the immune system.. It was interesting to see the cocktail that is designed for aids patients to be a protease inhibiitor. Cooking kills all enzymes, so most of what we eat is lacking enzymes.  Vegatarians may be healthy for this very reason.  The older we get the fewer metabolic enzymes our body retain. I had went through a long line of physicans and had all the blood tests along with.  They counldn't find the problem.  People with extreme fatigue should try enzymes because they aren't  expensive and withing a week you'll feel more productive.  
Dear Terry:
Thanks for the information.
CCF Neuro MD

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