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Disabled vet with TBI. bizzare early sleep cycle behavior on video.

Im a military Vet who received a TBI. My sleep has been messed up since returning from a deployment almost 12 years ago. My sleep cycles. ill go through 1-3 months of good sleep, and then its like 1-3 months of bad. Ive only recently in the past 2 months been recording my sleep. Even in a good cycle my sleep is most likely poor compared to a healthy adult my age. About 6 -7 years ago i started to notice this cycle.

Unfortunately I go to the VA, Where if the sleep problem is not fixed with a cpap or prazosin it doesnt exist.
I have had 2 sleep studies, only 1 i could sleep enough for them to give me mild sleep apnea.
After the 2nd lab I told them I was concerned we didn't capture these strange episodes that seem to cycle. They continued the cpap and med routine for 3-4 follow ups. around mid may this year, i had a major episode where i woke up in the stairwell with my sheets wrapped around me. I knew I was going into a "bad" cycle. I became very suspicious we were dealing with something besides apena.

I purchased a night vision camera and recorded over 60 events in 1 month alone. 37 of which i classify as major events. most i do not remember, ones i do remember have had feelings of your stomach coming up like a rollercoaster feeling and getting hit in the head and the same time. The next day i have headaches and am very agitated.
Sometimes there are strange audibles noises like sounds is closing in "implosion" and im trying to snap out of it , there is sometimes paralysis.
Some of the vids there are Choking sounds. Some I just come running out of bed before im awake,  
Some i make strange faces or  a deep gasp for air long after already sitting up or hold my hand up to my ear like i heard something. Other times i feel like bugs are crawling on me and there is alot of episodes of slaping my face or jumping up very agitated angry looking hitting side of my head or itching aggressively.

Most (95%)of these events happen within the first 1-2 hours of sleep.... some within minutes of closing my eyes.There is no dream activity that can be remembered and no behavior prior to an event that would indicate nightmare activity.
The fact they are almost all happening in the very early sleep cycles makes me doubt it is a REM disorder.
Sometimes when the Cycle is real bad i can sense somthing will happen as im trying to fall asleep.... like small electric charges and a warning.
Everytime this "cycle" comes back it seems to be more prolonged and dramatic.
What ever this thing is, i dont really care. I just need to know whats causing it and how to stop it. If i dont, im afraid it will lead to premature death.

Ive been on a steep neurocognitive decline for past 6-7 years, Ive forced a few labs outta them, and one of the things that concerns me is my cortisol levers were 128 on a 24 hour collection.

Is is possible to share these vids on here?

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