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Dizziness, achiness and sore muscles and joints

My husband had a second hernia surgery over two years ago. Last fall, he began to feel a pain in the area where his hernia was. He then started to complain about soreness in his muscles, stiffness in his joints,achiness and dizziness. This stiffness and soreness were in different parts of his body at different times. First his right hand, then his lower back, then his legs were sore, then his left hand, with no rhyme nor reason. He said his soreness felt like he'd worked out all day, but actually hadn't done a thing. His doctors performed blood tests which they said ruled out cancers, conducted MRIs and catscans and all came back ok. His symptoms, though, lasted a good three months, then went away. Six months later, now in June, they came back - same progression, same symptoms. His doctors keep telling him, he's totally healthy, but none of this seems right. We began to think that maybe there was an entrapped nerve from his hernia, but would that cause dizziness and symptoms throughout different parts of the body? If not, what could it be?
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Where was the hernia and why did he have to undergo surgery twice?
It is very unlikely that a trapped nerve will cause all these symptoms. Aching and stiff joints can be due to arthritis. I would suggest you schedule an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon to rule that out.
At the same time these symptoms could be a sign of generalized weakness due to low hemoglobin. A blood test will test if he is suffering from anemia. I would advise you to start a multivitamin supplement and see if that makes him feel any better. Hope it helps!
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Hello Dear,
Is your husband hypertensive or diabetic?You shuld monitor these levels regularly. Also side effects of general anaesthesia include dizziness,joint and muscle pains,soreness,confusion et. You should consult a neurologist and get the evaluation done.
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Thank you all. He's not diabetic. His bloodwork came back fine, except a bit high in iron. We went to get a different opinion today. Again, no answers. We were referred to a neurology specialist, so we'll try that. I appreciate your thoughts and suggestions.
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Has anyone brought up hemochromatosis?? Google it and good luck!!
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Has your husband had any diagnosis yet?
I am experiencing the very same symptons but like your husbands all tests say i'm fine but its making my life a misery and I am a mum of two under 3!
What did the neurologist say?
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