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Dizziness, pulsing sensation, sounds. Any ideas?

Hi there. Wonder if you could help me out in seeking a diagnosis? So I've had a bizarre sensation that my Doc has been unable to diagnose. It's been going on for years, but is particularly noticeable at the moment as I transition from one medication (Venlafaxine) to another (impramine). Symptoms are:

When I move my eyes from left to right (or vica versa), it creates a sudden and quick 'pulse' sensation in my head, upper arms, and hands - this sensation is immediate, momentary, very noticeable, synchronised with the eye movement (i.e. it does not occur at any other time except when looking left or right).

It is much less noticeable when moving my entire head left to right.

It is accompanied by a quick 'whoosh' sort of noise (similar to when you have water in your ears and can hear it moving when you turn your head).

It is accompanied by general dizziness / lack of coordination.

It is accompanied by a general and constant sensation of 'pressure' in my inner ears / slight earache.

It does not occur when I move my eyes up or down.

I do not feel any nausea.

Frequently (particularly when lying down) I can hear loud throbbing heartbeat in my ears, accompanied by sensation of pressure in my inner ears.

More recently (although possibly unrelated) I have been getting frequent 'twitching' sensations in the muscles around both eyes - similar to when you're sleep deprived or highly anxious. I am anxious, but not sleep deprived - and this symptom is far more recent, so I'm not sure it's related to the symptoms outlined above.

For background information, I have been diagnosed with the following conditions: Migraine, Asperger's, Anxiety, OCD, Vitamin D defficiency.  

Any ideas greatly appreciated! Thanks
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