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Dizziness and hangover without drinking

I'm 24 year old female. I maintain healthy lifestyle - exercise, eat healthy, don't smoke, drink enough fluids and so on.
Yesterday I was grocery shopping and felt very weird - my head suddenly felt numb and wasn't able to walk straight line. I immediately set on the floor, waited for a couple of minutes and the feeling passed. I didn't feel any pain in chest or any numbness or pain in one side of my body. My heart raised right after it happened, but I'm guessing just because I got scared. I wasn't hungry or tired and I don't have any allergies.
I've been under a lot of stress lately, but not anymore. I also wasn't eating meat for 2 weeks (was trying to become a vegetarian), but the day before it happened had lots of chicken. During these two weeks I was taking multivitamins and was eating plenty of nuts and beans for protein.
I haven't felt dizziness any more, but I have a strange feeling in my head, like when you spin and freeze, sort of like out of balance a bit, very similar to hangover. I also feel very tired even though I get enough of sleep and find myself hard to concentrate. I've never felt anything like that in my entire life, even when I felt dizzy it was nothing like that. I have an appointment with a doctor tomorrow, but I would love a second opinion or advice.
Thank you.
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I'm glad to hear that you are having an appointment with your Doc. tomorrow, as this sounds to important to just neglect.
This sensation in your head and dizziness I have experienced before i had my first panic attack....but I don't want to worry you before the doc's diagnosis.
How is your blood pressure? to low to high?
Do you have an Thyroid problem? If you don't know it can be determent with simple blood work.
Do you recall a previous ear infection? Imbalance and the "off" feeling could be caused by a problem in your ear canal.
If all that does not answer the problem you are experiencing  you should get and MRI.
If you doc. does not know what causes it most likely he/she will send you to an Neurologist and get you tested.
I wish you luck tomorrow and keep in touch....don't worry about anything until you know what it is....so many things can cause dizziness.
Take care!!
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