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Dizziness or Vertigo

I am 40 years old male 5'6" 170lb. Last year, I had a dizziness feelings with whirling sensation in head and sweating in body. I was ok after 5-10 minutes. I did not lose consciousness. Same thing happened this week. It started with whirling sensation in the head and after that I lie flat on floor. The whirling or vertigo was strong with body temperature low with lot of perspiration and weakness. It lasted for about 5 minutes. When it happened last time, I had a physical checkup and everything was normal including sugar, cholesterol etc. I was 180lb at that time and I did lose weight after doing physical exercises and restriction on diet. I only eat vegetarian food.

Recently I gained again 5-8 lb of weight and currently I am not on physical exercises. I do work hard and mostly I sit before computer 8-12 hours a day with very little physical exercises.

During last one year on couple of time, I had very minor whirling sensation in the head but it did not turn up nasty as it did this week.

I plan to again get physical checkup done but this second episode has made me concerned about my health. I did not had any medical problems in past and my family history do not have any diabetes. My father has only high blood pressure problem. My blood pressure used to be over 130/90 but I have controlled it within 120/80 by a regular 1 hour meditation from last one year. During this vertigo, my blood pressure was 150/103 as measured by my friend.

Thanks for your time to read this and for providing some help.
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Symptoms could be due to a number of things such as benign positional vertigo which comes in waves or episodes and goes aways on its own. THe high blood pressure in itself can cause similar symptoms. One thing that may be possible is a TIA or mini stroke like symptoms due to the high blood pressure which can manifest as dizziness , but usually accompanied by slurred speech, wekaness, sensory changes or vision problems. Take measures to watch your diet and check your BP at Wal Mart or local drug stores until you can get in to your physician. Start walking after work, but no rigorous exercise until you can get in to see your doctor so they can clear you. Depending on what your doctor finds, you may or may not need further studies such as ultrasound to look at the blood vessels in your neck or an MRI brain. Could just be the blood pressure which may require medication. GOod luck.
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