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Dizzy and Blur Vision while driving

I am a 43 yo female who recently started having major problems with dizziness while driving.  I recently started driving 2 hours to and from work.  I am having a difficult time explaining the symptoms.  I was driving home from work and began to feel like everything was moving too fast but I was sitting still.  My vision became blurred and I began  to be unable to focus.  I feel like my car is not touching the road and I have no control.  Medical History: Diagnosed w/fibromuscular dysplasia w/renal artery stenosis 7 years ago; gastric surgery 5 years ago;plastic surgery in July (breast reduction and tummy tuck; high blood pressure and I am hypoglecemic. My PCP states he heard something in my neck and has ordered a Caritoid Ultrasound but I am concern that this is not my problem and it is something we are missing. I am having a low grade headache;some low grade burred vision; dizziness when turning over in the bed and some facial pain behind my eyes.  Please tell me if we should be looking at other things.  I have to drive back and forth to work so any help would be greatly appreciated.
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You should check carotid ultrasound and also ophthalmic artery ultrasound to make sure you don't have any reason for your eyes to get ischemic in bright lights.   Also, get an EEG (electroencephalogram) with photostimulation.  Just in case.  This could also be a type of migraine aura if everything else is ok.
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I have exactly the same symptoms. Had EEG and MRI. EEG diagnosed migraine.  I have other symptoms too, always tired, visual disturbances, weakness down left hand side and strange feeling behind eyes, also eyes feel as if they adjust from near to distance on their own, even with eyelids closed. Taking 10mg amitriptyline but no improvement.
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Did anyone ever find a cause for this? It happens to me all the time! I have tried explaining my symptoms to the doctors, but they never understand and haven't ordered any tests. I have had this problem for 10 years. I am afraid at this point to go to anymore doctors, because in my state, I could lose my driver's license. Without that, I will be unemployed.
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I've had most of  the symptoms stated above for about two years now. I'm a 26 y/o male in otherwise very good health. At first, I thought I just needed glasses since I'm slightly nearsighted and the dizzy spells/increased heart rate/feeling of "fuzzy" eyes would happen each time I got behind the wheel at night. Unfortunately, the glasses didn't help and I'm now experiencing these symptoms during the daytime as well. It's getting to the point where I feel like I'm going to pass out of the freeway and have started driving in the slow lane to and from work in case this happens. My doctor says it's fatigue and stress, but it happen even after a good night's sleep. If anyone knows anything more about this, please let me know!
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I am 47 and experience exactly the same symptoms as you.So far no real diagnosis just expensive tests and pills that leave me still unable to drive any distance and very difficult to concentrate/sleeping much more than before. I have felt like this for 10 weeks now and seem to read lots of stories of similar sufferers on the web but all remain unable to find a solution.
Does this mean we have to stay like this forever?
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Hi, i am from Finland. I have the exact same symptoms. I have a bit of medical history with my hard and recently developed some minor migraine. Reading through the web, i concluded that is must be related to my migraine. Which is very hard to treat. There are some medications which helps to prevent the migraine attack. If i have these dizzy moments more frequently i will try to take one to see if it helps...      
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I've recently begun to have exactly the same symptoms as Jai38 but have no history of migraines.  I thought maybe it had to do with my vision changing.  Three years ago I had Lasik surgery.  My eyes have begun to deteriorate which I thought maybe was the cause of the dizziness but I am not so sure now.  It is definitely motion related.  It happens when I am driving on the freeway and is worse at night.  I have a long history of insomnia though.
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I have started experiencing this as well....I was driving to toledo the other day from Columbus and had to have my husband drive 1/2 way because I just couldn't see anymore...I started getting all jittery and couldn't focus and my head started pounding...its quite terrifying!  I don't know where to start looking for help!
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I have the same probIem, I am 45 years old and being driving for years but unfortunately, for couple of years I started to feel dizzy and unbalanced while driving on the highways for long time at a speed higher than 90 km/h (55 ml/h) specially at night.  It starts by feeling flashes at my head and then the difficulty starts. This problem does not occur while driving in the city.  I visited the EN&T doctor sometimes ago and he said I do not have an inner ear infection.  I visited eye doctor and no problem too.  Then I thought of it as driving phobia and started to take anti depressant drug but unfortunately, the problem still.  This issue is irritating me and I do not know what to do?!!!
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I'm a 41 yr male and have been driving since I was 16.  I am now experiencing the same thing you are! I thought I was having an anxiety attack or panic attack.  Recently I went to Disneyland and went on a roller coaster.  I got the same feeling of getting dizzy as when I'm driving.  I wonder if its a vertigo problem or a problem people have with motion sickness on a boat?  Could this be the same thing?  I'm going to ask my doctor about giving me some sort of motion-sickness pills and see if it helps.
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I've recently started to have the same symptoms. I'm 40. Have been driving since I was 16. Never had a fear of driving. All of a sudden one night I had to pull over due to a strange sensation of dizziness as if about to pass out. SInce then I've notice slight dizziness while drivnig on the freeway. Mostly at night but sometimes during the day. A first visit to the Dr. didn't reveal anything. I will probably see an eye doctor soon. Bright lights seemed to have something to do with it, but now i'm not sure since i had a similar episode during the day. I live in Los Angeles and need to drive for work so I hope I figure tihs out soon.
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does any one ever get headaches that cause your pupil to dialate jenn
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