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Do I have ALS

I'm a 26 year old male and I've been twitching for 10months I had a EMG on my entire left side as well as back and tongue. My right thumb is constantly tight and so is my left leg I can still walk and do the things I do normally. I also had a muscle ultrasound on my right hand because of a dent. Everything came back normal. I'm just worried it could possibly still be ALS due to the tightness nueromusular neuro noted my reflexes we're normal. Could this still be ALS?
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While Im not a Dr. I will tell you that they thought I had ALS at first due to my weakness. However...I did a lot of reading and never did I think it was ALS personally so in doing so I had read from people who have ALS on an ALS forum that
If you have an EMG and its normal... That pretty much rules out ALS. It doesnt entirely but for the most part it does.  ALS is different in many people but it typically presents very oddly with simple weakness in one limb. The Weakness is very gradual
and then continues to progress.  I will also tell you that my MS specialist was a Dr. for 32 years and never had a single case of ALS. ALS is extremely rare. That doesnt mean you cant have it... alot of things are rare yet I seem to have them.

Twitching which is likely Fasciculations under the skin that arent really visible to the eye but felt can be caused by ALOT of things. Dehydration, Low Vitamin D, any number of Neurological Disorders.
What you should understand is there are small nerve fibers and there are large nerve fibers. EMGs check the Large Nerve Fibers and not the small nerve fibers. Which is why in order to check for Small Fiber Neuropathy
which I have, youll have to get an EMG to rule out the large fibers and then a Skin biopsy to test the small fibers which has to be spent to a specialized lab. I had to get this done twice because my Dr. Didnt know it was that
rare that the testing wasnt performed by local labs they normally send to and because the samples are only good for 24 hours... By the time the right lab would have gotten them they wouldnt be any good to test.

You may go through many Neurologist before you find the answer. Just be thankful that its not painful. If you really think its ALS do not go to any old Neurologist. Find one who has seen cases of ALS and is familiar.
This is not an easy task. Neurological disorders suck and they can mimic lots of diseases and it will take lots of testing and lots of Normal labs to find out what is wrong. So be patient.
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Do you think one EMG is enough? I got one on my entire left side, tongue and back and came back normal. A neuro that specializes in ALS did it.
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