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Do I have a serious disorder/ neurological disease?

Hello, I will first start this by saying this is probable gonna be long, sorry for that.

Okay I’m currently 19 years and over the past maybe 5 months I’ve been experiencing on and off muscle spasms, twitches and almost tingling(almost more like a micro shaking sensation, it’s very uncomfortable to say the least) all over my body somewhat chronically, meaning it happens non stop for like a couple days or a little over aweek and stops for a week to a month and comes back again. When I get the twitching and muscle spasms it’s minorly all over my body but it is more apparent and rapid in one particular limb(though it changes its most my left leg and left arm it’s appent in, it doesn’t pick a muscle but the whole limbs muscles on it and the with that weird tingly/ shaky sensation), also that particular limb does feel weak but doesn’t show any signs of weakness that I’m aware of(I can still walk, though it feels awkward to walk and use my arms and do routinely things with them).

Now currently I am having these sensations but this time it’s kindof worse, it’s lasted longer than usaul and along with new symptoms these new symptoms where 1. Joint pains in my left knee where my current hot spot muscle spans and sensations are, feeling of cold water running down my left calve(this is not as chronic as the other symptoms as it only happened once for a period of like 20 minutes).

Should be noted I have had a left hip injury(potential minor knee injuries from football that have gone unchecked), my diet and sleep have been a bit shaky lately(due to work), These symptoms usually show up either when I spontaneously workout(as I haven’t had the time to work out properly on a schedule with my work over the past year) and the more anxious I feel about the symptoms the worse it gets.

So all that said I was wondering if anyone could chime in as I’ve been late night researching this issue for the past couple months and scared to death that I might have a deadly neurological disease(like ALS) or something else major along those lines.

So if you think you know what the issue is please help because I’m pretty scared at the moment, and anyways thanks.
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Hi Mattc29,

So after reading your post my thoughts are this. You could very well have a nerve injury that is just starting to show up from the Hip injury.
The spasms you are experiencing are known as Fasciculations.  By Definition, a brief, spontaneous contraction affecting a small number of muscle fibers, often causing a flicker of movement under the skin. It can be a symptom of disease of the motor neurons. Don't let that scare you though. They can be caused by a whole lot of things.
They are actually very common and can sometimes be very benign. I am not a Doctor I am a patient who has learned a great deal about Neurological Conditions because a have a few myself. I have those as well as a general symptom.

Fasciculations themselves can have a range of causes, including the use of certain substances or medications, especially allergy drugs.

Drugs that may trigger fasciculations include:

    chlorpheniramine (Chlorphen SR)
    dimenhydrinate (Dramamine)
    diphenhydramine (Benadryl)
    nortriptyline (Pamelor)
    methylphenidate (Ritalin)
    pseudoephedrine (Sudafed)

These twitches will usually subside when the person stops taking the medication.

If none of these medications are one you were on or are on still there are also other causes. You can google fasciculations and read about many causes.
HOWEVER You have a few key components working against you even without those that could very well be causing them and all your other symptoms.
Top 3   1. The Hip Injury  that alone by itself shouldn't be the culprit however it should indeed be noted that you have that injury on the same side as the limb experiencing strange
Nuerological symptoms.   2. Stress , Stress for me makes mine worse it makes alot of my symptoms worse but stress alone can affect the Central Nervous system that alone should not account for all your symptoms.  3. Diet.  Diet can have some impact since some things that you eat can be better or worse on your nervous system. 4. Should be really in that top 3 associated with stress. SLEEP can drastically affect your body. Just an interupted odd sleep pattern can cause all sorts of issues. If you aren't sleeping well it can cause all sorts of problems.
When I dont get enough sleep my nerves do exactly what you are talking about with that sort of light vibration or like your whole body is trembling.

So without running to a Dr the first things you can do at home are research your diet and find out if what you're eating boosts the immune system and or triggers the nervous system.
If you have an Auto Immune disorder like for example LUPUS your diet can have tremendous impact on your body. Lupus can affect EVERYTHING and Im not even kidding...
The second thing you can do is to get more rest and try to maintain the at the very least a normal sleep/wake cycle this will reduce your STRESS some.  Third DONT STRESS. Everyone has stresses but dwelling on those stresses just feeds the fire.

Number one thing you can ask for if you believe you may have Motor Nueron Disease is an EMG. DO NOT EXPECT TO GET ONE ORDERED HOWEVER WITHOUT OTHER TESTS FIRST.
In your blood work when you have it ran ask them to test you for LUPUS or run your blood test with an ANA Panel. The ANA panel will tell them if you have something going on in your immune system and if your markers are high will indicate Auto immune problems.

A Dr. is going to start from scratch they will not jump to testing for ALS because truth be told ALS is in fact EXTREMELY RARE. My MS specialist in her 30 years of work never saw a single case. That's how Rare ALS truly is. The hype about ALS has made many people jump to the conclusion at the first symptoms they get of these disorders that its possibly ALS
HIGHLY UNLIKELY but yes possible. Its also possible to get struck by lightening and win the lottery. So relax a bit. Even if you have a terrible condition stressing over what it could be
sometimes is worse than the diagnosis itself. Believe me I've been there and Im still in question on somethings. The Important thing to note about ALS is yes its usually in one limb but not always however its dominating Characteristic is MUSCLE WEAKNESS. Its a very slow Progressive weakness. There is also what is called Primary Lateral Sclerosis which has a longer prognosis than ALS. Muscle wasting or Atrophy is another sign of it.

For all you know at this point you aren't eating right, you're stressing not drinking enough water which is making your spasms more frequent and you're not getting enough rest which is making whatever nerve injury you had to your hip suddenly that much more problematic. You should note that Sciatica Can cause pain and numbness in the legs though not usually in one leg. You said these spasms are all over you body but said you noticed they happen more in one limb. Maybe or maybe you just are paying more attention to that limb because of the injured side its on which is causing nerve pain that is making you look at that leg and you note those spasms more because its the limb bothering you. Im trying to ease your mind.
You wont know till you speak to a DR and have a few tests. Opinions and symptoms don't do much for a diagnosis other than tell them what tests need to be ran.

Rest and proper diet can go a long way. Go to a Dr. get checked out and BE PATIENT with Neurological Disorders they can take a very long time to give an answer.

Hope this helps,  Matt. Get some testing done and post back. With the symptoms and knee joint pain it could be a rheumatic issue.
Thanks, really informative and does help allot. I did go see a Doctor, unfortunately I did not ask for a EMG or testing for Lupus(though I did get blood tests). The Doctor checked me out and said that I had Tenonitis in my left hamstring(should note the day in between the post I was biking and testing my strength in my left leg) potentially causing that feeling, she also said I do not have MS, or ALS and there’s nothing significant enough to point to anything else serious. At this point in time I’m still getting Twitching, Muscle spasms as well as a new pain in my thigh but my knee pain and calf pain has seemed to surpassed, but the fact she said I had weakness in my hamstring still scares me as I wasn’t x-rayed for it(she just tested my strength and reflexes). Anyways I will update when my blood test results come in and if anything significantly changes for the better or worse.
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