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Do I really need another MRI for a lumbar puncture?

On May 20th, I had an MRI which came back normal. I have various symptoms of brain fog, fatigue, tinnitus, vertigo, lightheadedness, but also photophobia. The plan was to do a lumbar puncture for my photophobia if everything came back normal. The problem was that I needed to take a neurocognitive test which was scheduled in July. My last neurologist appointment was today (Aug 20) and the doctor says that we need to do another MRI before the lumbar puncture for safety reasons, claiming the last one was too far back. Is this normal? I mean, that was 3 months ago. It just seemed extremely fishy to me. Like they're trying to milk the insurance company for everything they got. I don't know how much my end costs, but this will be my 4th MRI this year, 2nd for brain. I do have suspicions of idiopathic intracranial hypertension, so I welcome the lumbar puncture (even though I had an epidural 3 years ago within hours to date, and it was the most painful experience I have ever had to experience)
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  Hi...my Drs akways wanted a new MRI if it was 6 months or older....but if there was anything new symptom wise they may have done one sooner.....so if you have ongoing issues they want to be safe,,,,,that is better then taking a stab in the dark so to speak.

Do you have copies of your MRI and the reports? If not I would suggest getting copies so if a 2nd opinion is needed you won't have to wait on that info....

If you are not comfortable with your current Dr, then maybe you need to try with a different one.
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I requested copies, but all I ever got was reports of what was said and done which was all sent to my primary doctor.
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  They didn't give you a disk with the MRI images on it? Call the facility that did the studies and request the copies,,,,,the Dr can give them to you but will charge,,,,,today most facilities will give the patient a copy on a disk b4 they leave after the testing....but the report is sent a week or two later...and to have the report sent you need to fill out a form giving them permission to mail it......and some places have it all available on line for the patient and Dr to view.....I would deff call the facility again and say you need them for a 2 nd opinion...that way you have them,
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I asked the MRI person the day of, requesting a "copy of the MRI," and she told me that I would have to ask my doctor for it. I don't know if there was some miscommunication (copy of MRI = report of findings), if they simply don't offer it, or if she just wanted to go home because we were the last ones in the building. But when I asked my doctor about them, that was when she told me I would have to wait a week or two. But while I was there, I made sure everything was fine in clerical that everything was filled out so they could in fact mail me my records.
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I also had to assume that everything was fine, as I had to wait FOUR WEEKS after the MRI to be told whether or not everything was normal. It's like they purposely want you to have drama. I can only assume that if there were an abnormality, they would have notified me sooner.
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