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Do herniated cervical discs cause leg pain & weakness

  My wife has a herniated disc at C6-7 and C4-5 and has had a fusion at C5-6.  Her MRI last week shows compression of the spinal cord at C6-7 which I think explains her neck and arm pain, however she also has the following:  numbness in her buttocks, pain down the back of her legs (although it is not nearly as bad as the arm and neck pain), numbness on the outside portion of her left foot and today, both of her feet hurt on the bottom of her foot around the ball of the foot.  She also gets pain on her inner thighs where a saddle would touch.  Her neurologist finds pelvic girdle weakness with the left being worse than the right. And she has L'hermittes.

  My question is whether all of these symptoms can be attributed to the cervical spine problems.  A friend who is a resident D.O. says it doesn't make sense that her legs are affected and cautions her against another fusion.  I'm afraid we don't understand anatomy well enough to know who is correct.  Thank you very much.
The symptoms you describe cannot be accounted for by disc disease in the region of the cervical spine, the cervical spine sends nerve roots out to the arms, the symptoms described are highly suggestive of  root problems but in this case the nerves arise from the lower end of the spine.
You wife probably has nerve root compressionn in the lumbo-sacral spine area which is causing thesesymptoms.
Some neck problems can cause leg weakness and especially leg stiffness but
not pain radiating down the leg in this segmental distribution. It sounds
like some of the nerve roots which make up the sciatic nerve are involved
here, this needs to be investigated by means of imaging of the
lumbo-sacral spine.The pelvic girdle weakness is probably related as all of the muscles
in this area have nerve roots arising from the lumbo-sacral spine area.
The L'hermittes sign is asociated with cervical cord problems.

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