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Do these MRI results plus synptoms indicate MS?

For several years, my mother has been suffering from limb pain and numbness and lack of power and balance. Previously she experienced tingling and she also suffers from disphagia. Her MRI revealed 2 foci of increased signal intensity in deep white matter of left cerebral hemisphere. What would this indicate? What testing should be done to persue this? She has experienced difficulty getting a proper diagnosis for her illness in this country.
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Abnormal spots in the brian can either be do to a stroke, MS, headache, vitamin deficiencies, or auto-immune disorders. You have not stated her age or other medical condtions. If she is older and has a disease such as high blood pressure then the most likely diagnosis is stroke. However without seeing her and her films, I can not make an accurate diagnosis.

Based on the diseases I have stated above, one can check many things. If this is a stroke the heart should be screened to look for a source of stroke (such as an abnormal heart beat or clots). If your mother is younger and the MRI is suspicious for inflammatory diseases then blood work and perhaps a spinal fluid analysis could be done.

I recommend you discuss your mothers care with her doctors and try and determine what they think is most likely. Then try and have testing to prove or disprove this possibility. Good luck
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Except for the MRI symptoms, all of the stated symtoms COULD be caused by a methylB12 deficiency which can occur even while taking or receiving cyanocobalamin orally or by injection.
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Burning and Tingling sensations on left and right side arm, shoulderblade, left and right side leg and top of foot. Headaches, Tingling under right eye across nose, chin and face.  I don't know if this is MS.  Can anyone please give me some advice.  

Thank you
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