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Does a mild Stroke/Meningitis always show on a scan?

In December 2006 i was involved in a nasty car accident where i seriously fractured my left shoulder and arm and received other minor injuries.  Although i do not remember banging my head during the accident, whilst in A&E i kept going in and out of consciousness and had an urgent MRI and CT scan.  These did not show any signs of damage to the brain/head area.  In January 2008 i was diagnosed with a serious staphlacoccus Aureus infection in my left ear.  I had 5 various courses of antibiotics between January and April as it wouldn't clear up. Towards the end of April, i had what i thought was a common cold that gradually got worse throughout the week and i had what i would call 'flu symptoms', aching body, heavy cold, blurred vision and overall lethargy and an awful pain on the left side of my head.  I went to see my GP who referred me to ENT at my local hospital believing the problem to be with my ear.  Whilst at the hospital i remember feeling worse and complaining of the lights being bright and i remember them hurting my eyes and making me sick.  I collapsed suddenly and was urgently treated for meningitis with IV antibiotics.  I was unconscious for 36 hours.  I had an MRI, CT scan and Lumber puncture, all coming back clear and the dr's stated that it wasn't meningitis and that they were 'unsure'.  They ruled out any connection of my symptoms being caused by my ear infection.  I was in hospital for a week in total.  I began to see double vision and i couldn't sit on the bed without falling to one side.  I had no balance and my speech was extremely slow and i had difficulty putting a sentence together and would get confused easily.  I had a general weakness to my whole body but more to my left side.  Quick movements in my line of vision would make me feel sick and i couldn't walk unaided.  If my life depended on it, i knew i would not be able to 'scream' or shout.  I couldn't read or write... it was as if everything was failing.  I saw a Neurologist 8weeks later who told me from the scans that nothing was wrong.  He asked me to walk on my tiptoes, slide my foot down the opposite shin, hold my arms out and close my eyes, walk in a straight line, screw my eyes tight.....all of which i couldn't do.  He discharged me there & then.  In July 08 I paid privately to see a 2nd Neurologist and gave him a list of my symptoms.  He asked me to do the above tests which again, i couldn't and he referred me for an urgent MRI and CT scan believing i had a brain abscess.  Tests came back clear.  I had an urgent mastiodectomy in September 08 to see if my ear infection had possibly spread to my brain but this was negative. In October 08 my symptoms were still apparent so i was hospitalised for 10days for various neurological tests.  They have ruled out M.S, Cancers, brain absecces/tumours and stroke.  They have stated that my symptoms link towards a problem with the cerebellum however all scans/blood tests/lumber punctures were clear & do not support my symptoms.    Now 12 months after my initial collapse my symptoms are as follows:  I have to walk with a wide gait and with support (I currently use a pushchair for balance)  I am unable to walk far without tiring easily, reading makes me feel sick due to concentrating heavily, i cannot read aloud, my speech is slow & slurred and the left side of my face although not paralysed/drooping does not move the same when i smile/talk.  I know if somebody asked me to run/skip/star jump etc i would not be able to.  I do not feel dizzy, but completely unco-ordinated, it's as if my brain isn't telling my body what to do.  I am due to see a 'Neuro-Physio' who has stated i am to be treated for Mild Hemiplegia.  Does a mild stroke/Meningitis always show on a scan?  Could these symptoms be the cause of an unseen head injury from my accident 2years ago?  Something is obviously wrong but i am not receiving treatment due to all tests being clear.   Any help would be greatly appreciated as there does not seem to be any light at the end of the tunnel!

Thank you in anticipation,

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