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Does anyone know what this might be?

My daughter (25) (healthy-no health problems, but under much stress) recently had an episode that came on like a panic attack, but then she became disoriented, was seeing double/triple, slurred speech and off balance - couldn't walk on her own.  At the end of the episode she became highly emotional and began to cry.  This whole event lasted about 10 minutes.  Afterwards she was exhausted.  Any ideas?  She has a neurology appt in 2 weeks, but I just do not have any idea what this could be?
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I forgot to add that she did not remember any of this.
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Was she seen in emergent care at all?  

This could range from stroke/TIA to seizure activity.

Hate to ask this, illicit drug use?  Taking any OTC meds?

On BC meds?
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Hi.Please ask your neurologist to administer to your daughter the same tests as in the case of shay131 case.
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If your daughter does not remember this-- this sounds like a seizure. If it happens again she needs to go straight to the e.r.

I hope you and your daughter get answers,
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It could be anything from a stroke to a seizure. It would be a good idea to go to the ER if this happens again. If your daughter can be checked by another doctor before the neurology appt., it would be a good idea. Blood work can tell you if it was a stroke. I know a very dedicated doctor from the Mayo Clinic who was diagnosed with a tumor growing on his back from stress. After he realized he was working too hard and changed some things, the tumor went away on its own. He didn't know that he was so stressed, but a colleague pointed this out to him. If you or others can help your daughter with the stress, it may help. Sorry, it's hard to see our children sick.
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what is the Shay131 case?
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good questions.  I actually considered these as well.  however, the episode was short and she was normal before and after?
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