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Does one have to keep the same neurosurgeon?

Hi! I was wondering if a person previously has say like brain of any kind; do they have to keep the same neurosurgeon?  For instance, I previously had a suboccipital decompression laminectomy c1 and I will have to have surgery again.  However, I have a new neurologist at the Cleveland Clinic and so I would like to stay there and have my neurosurgeon there too and have the next surgery there.  I live 3 hours away from the Cleveland Clinic.  My last neurosurgeon is from where I am too.  I have nothing against him at all.  I really liked him alot.  I just wondered if that could be done.

Thank you ahead of time.
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You absolutely can change any Dr you wish at any time.  Sometimes the change is just a matter of logistics vs any real problems you have with the Dr.  Just call your old drs office and have them transfer the records.  You don't have to give a reason.

Hope that helps.

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