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Dorsal myelopathy

      Re: Dorsal myelopathy

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Posted by CCF MD GS on March 30, 1998 at 11:16:25:

In Reply to: Dorsal myelopathy posted by Barbara T. on March 19, 1998 at 17:55:17:

: I just had some tests done at the hospital and I came out with a diagnosis of
  possible dorsal myelopathy. Last summer I had an episode of blurred vision
  and severe eye pain and headache lasting a week which left me with a
  scotoma in my left eye. At the beginning of this year I developed more
  neurological symptoms, difficulty in walking, numbness in my arms,
  especially in fingers, and paresthesia.
  An evoked potentials study in January showed a delayed latency only in
  lower SSEP's, (VEP, upper SSEP and BAEP were normal). I was tested for Lyme, Lupus, Myastenia but turned out
  negative. A cranial, dorsal and cervical MRI showed no lesions referring
  to MS. A flourescein angiography was negative for retinal lesions. My visual
  field shows an impairment in right and left nasal field and a left scotoma.
  SSEP's were repeated and showed a slight improvement but they are still
  At present I still have difficulty walking but no more numbness. They couldn't
  tell me if I had an optic neuritis but I'd like to know if there could be more
  tests to be done in order to have a definite diagnosis.
  I still have severe left eye pain and when I had the visual field test and
  the angiography I experienced two really bad attacks of headache and nausea.
  Could the eye problems and the myelopathy be unrelated? Is it possible to
  have negative VEP in a case of optic neuritis? I can live with my scotoma
  even if it's very annoying but my fear is about having another attack of ON
  affecting the other eye.
  Thanks for you suggestions!
Thanks for the question Barb. Certainly your eye abnormality needs to be followed by an ophtholmologist who can give you good advice in terms of what may be going on in that regard. Dorsal myelopathy refers to the posterior part of the spinal cord. Patients can develop what is called a transverse myelitis (inflam of the spinal cord) and develop the type of symptoms that you complain of. it can be caused by a number of different thing some of which have been checked. Some paients with transverse myelitis will go on to develop multiple sclerosis. Did you have a spinal tap to examine youe cerebrospinal fluid? This should be done. I would also recommend a head MRI scan. I'm not sure of your age but a sed rate and c reactive protein should also be considered. It is possible that the eye and myelopathy are unrelated but it sounds like they are probably linked. Did they treat you with steroids? Good luck
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