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Dr. Jain / MD

Thanks very much Dr. Jain, we really appreciate your reply.

No he never had any stroke, earlier he was having some astmatic problems, but recovered later on and having some joint pains as well.

At the moment, he is on following medicine from a reputed Neruologist of Jalandhar.

- Metrol ( earlier it was 16mg but now it is 4mg. )
- Duvanta 20
- Nemdaa 10
- Dytor 10mg
- Asprin 150
- Piracepam Nootropil 800
- Clotas 0.5
- Olanex 2.5
- Pan 20mg

Please reply at the earliest possible.

Best Rgds, Sanjeev
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Hi Sanjeev,
I think it is medrol and not metrol, this drug is used for extensive suppression of his inflammation in the body as an inflammatory pathology is thought to be one of the most important causes for his perivascular demyelination.
Duvanta is a drug which comes under class of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor, a form of anti-depressant used to elevate mood and other depressive pathology.
Nemdaa is a drug which contains mementine hydrochloride which is a type of medicine called an NMDA-receptor antagonist. It is used for treating Alzheimer's disease.
Dytor is a diuretic and helps in preventing fluid overload in heart.
Nootropil contains Piracetam which is a medicine used to treat certain types of movement disorder resulting from brain disease and also that it improves brain function and stimulates the central nervous system without any toxicity or addictive properties. The other medications I have not understood, but I feel that have been started by Cardiologist.
Pan I think is pantoprazole for his control of gastritis.
Hope this helps you.
Keep me informed if you have any other queries.

P.S- you should be posting your reply in same post and not a new one to get good follow up.
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Thanks Dr Jain..I really once again deeply appreciate your concern and help.

Can you please inform me iof above medicines are alright and if this disease is curable. Very frankly, at the moment I am losing heart. Please tell me if this ailment is actually curable.

Above medicines are regularly administered to him..but his condition is deteriorating.

Waiting for your response.

Thanks / Sanjeev
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I am not sure about his condition as to tell that you actually require seeing him physically and examining to evaluate him.
Again his medicines suggests that all possible medications have been started to see which one works or at least one will work.
As you are mentioning repeatedly that in spite of his medications being on he is deteriorating day be day suggests that his medications are not helping him out and that would lead to further deterioration only.
I think you should be taking a review opinion on this.
Keep me informed if you have any queries.
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Hello Dr Jain
Thanks for the continuous support.

We have got the recent MRI done of the patient today and it reads as below:
T2 weighted and Flair axial, T2 weighted coronal & T1 weighted saggital, Thin T2 Coronal Flair 3D SPGR and T2*axial

The study shows confluent areas of abnormal hyperintensity on T2W/T2Flair images in the subcortical and periventricular white matter (including the internal capsule, corona radiate and centrum semiovale) with relative sparing of the subcortical U fibres. Abnormal hyperintensity on T2W / T2Flair images is also seen in the basal ganglia, midbrain, thalamus and both cerebellar hemisphere.
Encephalomalacic areas are seen in the corona radiate on the left side and temporooccipital regions on the right side.
Both cerebral hemispheres show gyral thinning with sulcal enlargement, Bilateral lateral ventricles and third ventricle also appear prominent. (age related atrophic changes).

No midline shift seen.
The visualized calvarium, major blood vessels, cranial nerves, paranasal sinuses and orbits appear unremarkable.
Note is made of right sided surgical aphakia.


Please correlate clinically.

Please give your comments on this latest MRI sir,
Looking forward to hear from you
Thanks / Sanjeev
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We kindly request you once again to please advise your valued comments on the Latest MRI, which we sent to you on 23rd. We are anxiously waiting for your valued advice.

Please Help us.

With best Rgds,
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Sir, we are waiting for your valued advice, please help us out and please reply per return. It is already 3 days now.

Please help us.

With Best Rgds,
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i am not able to sleep on right time
doctor has given me clotas 2 one tablet at night
please let me know  when i would be able to get my original sleep on time
i am in a fear that i would not be habitual of that medicine
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