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EEG results

  My 1 year old daughter had a febrile seizure early October 1998.  Her doctor recommended a follow-up EEG "just to be sure" which was performed Nov 9.  Results read "Description : the EEG consists of mostly stage 2 sleep.  There were well developed and symmetrical sleep spindles.  K-complexes were present.  There were occasional sharp waves in the left frontal area during sleep.  Otherwise the EEG appeared to be normal.  Interpretation:  Mildly abnormal EEG with occasional left frontal sharp waves.  This EEG may be compatible with a focal motor seizure disorder."
  What does all this mean?  Other hx:  after febrile seizure they did a blood culture and found she was septic with strep pneumoniae and was hospitalized 2 days with IV antibiotics.  They believe the infection initiated from her ears.
  Please help.  Thanks!
This may not mean very much, most of the report is a typical normal EEG report,
recording the normal types of waves seen in sleep.
The only abnormality is the reportying of sharp waves.
Sharp waves on the EEG are correlated with a small area of abnormality in
the brain which is causing irritation and sparking off seizures.
The interpretation of what exactly constitutes a sharp wave can be quite
subjective and it would appera that the reader was not very impresed by therwes waves.
Nevertheless your daughter did have a seizure, the history does sound like she
has febrile seizures and the EEG should be normal in these cases.
Given that she had a seizure and some degree of abnormality on her EEG
an MRI scan to look in detail at this part of the brain would be a reasonable
If the MRI scan is normal I would not worry any further.

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