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EMG Results

Hello, I am a 46 y/o RN who is diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, lupus or mixed tissue disease depending on the MD.  This all started about 20 years ago.  After six miscarriages and multiple appointments to determine the root cause of low grade temp, flu-like symptoms, joint pains, inflammed joints.  I gave up trying to determine what was wrong and decided I was just going to have to live with it.  Six years later I was really sick.  I had the same symptoms and thought I might have mono or have HIV/AIDS or something terrible -- I had been doing IV therapy on a lot of HIV/AIDS patients for several years and while I was very careful the thought I had contracted the disease lurked in the back of my mind.  I went to see an internist who did a bunch of blood work.  My ANA came back positive the titer 1:360, as well as low platelets and white count.  I was seen by a hematologist who said she thought I had Lupus.  I was put on steriods for a period of time and then and anti inflammatory drug.  Later I was seen by a Rheumatologist who said he didn't think I had Lupus but Mixed Tissue Disease.  So who knows.  However over the years I have recieved steriod treatment for flares of this undetermined disorder and a host of anti-inflammatory medication. Over the past year I have had period of muscle weakness particularly in my upper extremities.  Doing even the most basic tasks, stirring a cake batter, holding a blow dryer long enought to dry my SHORT hair causes extreme muscle fatigue.  Walking up the stairs to carry my granddaughter to the baby bed can be almost impossible.  In January I started having tingling in my arms, legs, hand and feet.  I thought I had some type of nerve impengment.  MRIs ruled that out and I was referred to a neurologist.  I have seen him three times.  He did the pin ***** and temperature test and said I had "sick" sensory nerves in my arms and legs.  I could hardly feel anything in from my feet to my groin or my fingertips to my shoulders.  He scheduled me for an EMG.  I had the test however I have been unable to get the interpretations from his office.  I was actually scheduled this past Friday but after driving over 70 miles and waiting for over 1:20 minutes I decided to leave.  Normally I am not that impatient however each visit as included a long wait, the first visit over 1:45 minutes etc.  I didn't know how much longer the wait would be and I was just too tired to wait any longer and then make the long drive home.  So here I sit with no understanding of the EMG print out.  I have made an appointment with a new Neurologist closer to home and hope he has better time management skills. Unfortunately I will have to wait another month before seeing him. Until then, I am hoping someone can tell me what some of this means.  

Under the Sensory Nerve Study test results there are five categories
Lat (ms) , Pk Lat (ms) Amp (Mv) Dist (mm) and C.V. (m/s) for the specific sites tested.  In the note section there are notes as listed below.  What do these terms mean?  When the test was finished I asked the MD what he thought he said, "you have sick nerves" so I am gathering that the test wasn't normal.  But I still don't know if this is to do with the mylin or axional part of the nerve and I don't know the prognosis of this problem.  Will this get worse or better.  I guess this is a question for the new Neurologist.

Should there be "reliability"?  Should the amplitude be low or high?  What in the world is dispersion and polyphasia?

Sural nerve (Left and Right) No reliable potential - does this mean the test wasn't conclusive?

Left Median Nerve (Lt and Rt)- Fair reliabilty; low amplitude, mod- dispersion?  What does this mean?

Ulnar Nerve (Lt) - Very low amplitude; fair reliability; dispersion
Ulnar Nerve (Rt) - Low amplitude; dispersion

Peroneal Nerve (Lt) - Fair reliability
Peroneal Nerve (Rt) - Poor reliability; very low amplitude; mod disperson; polyphasia

Left Tibial Nerve - mod dispersion; polyphasia
Right Tibial Nerve - dispersion

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