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Okay I have been feeling like this for two and a half weeks.... only a little bit the first day and keeps getting worse and worse so today I am asking what the heck is goingon with me. I feel REALLY dizzy (i don't even know if i should call it dizzy). It's like I'm really dizzy and fuzzy/numb all over my body. I am so much more tired than I have ever been before... I use to have so much energy but now i just want to sleep or lay down 24/7. I feel like i have to bear down to stay alert/awake/alive. occasionally have shortness of breath due to that feeling of bearing down. my vision is not blurry but really weird whenever i look anywhere. i'm nauseated a lot too. all this gets worse every day and now i have these really weird headaches that hurt in different places in my head(like someone is stabbing me in diff places) but my temples feel like they're hurting and sometimes pound with pain. I had a CT scan of my head done, normal. nothing else yet. do you have any idea what it COULD be or what i need to do or who I should see? I'm so scared I'm gonna die b4 i find out what it is or gonna find out from the doc i should have checked sooner and now i only have months to live. I'm only 25 (female). please someone help. I'm SO scared.
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ooo my good god  just like me .... iam terrified ....i am constantly dizzy and feel like iam sooo not with it! iam also 25 yr female uk and went to see doc bout 3 months ago and he seemed to think it was an inner ear thing ,iam not convinced as i have no ear pain ..just off balance  iam sure its a brain tumour!!! its like a constant light headedness 24/7 ,i also get the headaches like a weird feeling all over my head (like goosebumps) sharp pains in temples and forehead just aches. ive got 5 kids and just havent got the time to be like this.the only other weird thing i noticed is igot like raised horizontal lines/lumps on my fingernails.i too am alos tierd all the time,
just wondering do i have the right to demand an mri on the nhs? ive been referred to an ent but not till oct 2nd 07  iam really scared and have panic attacks over this situation.
currently taking betahistine but theyre no good! o and by blood was tested for diseases which caused dizziness as symptoms...its not the dieing iam scared of... its the people i will leave behind not to mention i am abit young! n e feed back would be gr8 x
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Sorry to hear about this ladies but in a way this is comforting for me to read this as I am suffering the EXACT same stuff, I have had a constant light headedness for 5-6 weeks, feel weird all the time and my eyesight is not blurry it just feels weird. The back of my eyes feel painful to and I am convinced I am going to die as I have a Brain Tumor/Cancer, MS or something terminal.

My Dr. seems to think its Sinusitis but I have a gut feeling its not - I was put on Antibiotics for a week and given tablets to help with the dizziness and surprise surprise they had NO effect at all :(
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yeah its always good to know theres someone out there in the same boat as u! my doc seems to think its some inner ear thing with me, but like u said i aint convinced.i feel weird everyday all day.i was reading alot about anxiety and the symptoms cover just about all what ive got ,but i dunno ,iam only stressed out coz of whats going on with me.its the not knowing which does my head in.what else did ure doc say? iam sure my doc thinks iam a fruit loop and i swear my family think iam hypercondriact i know for a fact iam not!!!!!!!!1
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I am a 24 y.o. female from Australia.

Oh my goodness, it is so weird that you have said your Doc thinks it's Sinusitis!! I had a CT Scan two days ago and the only thing that showed up was cysts in my Maxillary Sinus, which apparently indicates Sinusitis, but apart from the headaches my symptoms have been nothing like it!!

I have been sick for 5 months now - I was diagnosed with Labryinthitis to begin with, after a plane trip interstate for a weekend seemed to cause a major problem with dizziness, fatigue, nausea etc. Like you all it was a constant feeling of imbalance and dizziness, with fuzzy vision etc. I was told it would last 6 weeks, but 12 weeks later I was still unwell. It seemed to improve for a couple of weeks but I then started getting a whole host of other symptoms. I started experiencing 'visual disturbances' and other weird stuff which lasted for a couple of minutes, which the Dr has suggested might be Temporal Lobe Epilepsy. I have also since experienced hearing loss and more distressingly memory loss. This seems to be mostly short-term memory loss. I am now also getting heart palpitations almost daily and sometimes 2-3 times a day.

There are so many symptoms at the moment that my Dr is at a loss to say exactly what is going on. Unfortunately my appointment with the Neurologist is not until late Oct and my appointment with the ENT (for the balance issues etc) is not until Dec!!!!

It's nice to know there are others out there.

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How are you feeling?

I had my MRI results today all normal (very happy)

ema/Bondy how you guys doing too?
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contact me at ***@**** . I have the exact same symptoms going on 3 mths losing my mind..have been to 2 ents 4 g.ps 1 acupuncturist  1 chiropractor 1 pulminarist and now heading to a neurologist would like to stay in touch to get to the bottom..I have been on prednisone for supposed allergies...mistake 3 rounds of diffrent antibiotics,anti-vert,diamatapp,flonase,claritin-d.sudafed,tylenol,aspirin,advil,aleve,maalox the list goes on and on..what were you doing before it all started? im dizzy 24/7  33 WAS healthy male portland ,oregon
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