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Ear Pressure

Work at computer all day....started having issues with blurriness....then head fills with pressure and makes me feel like I want to pop my ears.....been dealing with this for over a month now....in 1990 I had brain aneurysm and also had shunt put in right cavity of brain....CT scan shows clear except it says that the right cavity is smaller than the left cavity....so I just had a spinal tap and the pressure showed normal and so did all the cultures, etc...I have neck and back issues as well, but most of the time if I stay "down", I'm okay....the more I'm up and about, then the more neck and back issues and the more I walk, the more pressure in my ears.

Most times I think it's a pinched nerve in the neck area, but not sure why the pressure in my head comes when walking....I have found that when wearing a back brace and some kind of brace around my neck, that helps....but like right now sitting at computer for long time my neck gets really tired and I need to go relax it.

They're going to try and get a CT scan now of my neck and spine.....and then possibly see ENT....does anyone have any other ideas?

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I have got similar problems as you and it has been happening for about a month or just over now.  I work with computers all day.  I have blurriness since all the symptoms started happening.  I feel I have slight pressure in my head especially near the back of my left ear.  I do need to often pop my ears to ease the pain slightly.  I do feel much better if I lay down.  I feel slight stiffness in the neck.

I went to an ENT yesterday and they could not determine if I had an infection in the ear.  They assumed it maybe an infection which will pass by over several months!  I have ceased driving because of the blurriness and light headedness.  My ENT have referred me to do a hearing test, to see if my hearing has been affected.  If so then will need to do a full MRI.

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I too am having problems with extreme pressure in ears and pain in my head. I also have a strange smell in my nose and what feels like hot water dripping down my throat. I get no relief at all except when I lay down. It is making my neck hurt all the way down both of my shoulders. I am also experiencing numbness on my left side only. The only thing I have had done is a ct to check for sinus problems. I  have had spine surgery and I am thinking that this is a pressed nerve somewhere. I am barely able to function. I don't know if I need an ENT or a Neurologist.Also having problems with nausea and eating, have lost like 15lbs. Going on 2 months, HELP.  If anyone has any answers or thoughts please let me know. Thanks...
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