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Ear and eye pain with MS

  I was diagnosed with poss. MS over a year ago. At that time I had ear pain and hyper volume with hearing. It eventually went away on it's own after a few months.
  Recently I have had ear pain again. A friend who is a doctor did a quick check to make sure there is no infection. The ear was clear. The pain has persisted for about 6 weeks. Before that, I also started having pain in the eye also on the same side. I have no new vision changes.
  I feel like I am being a pest every time things like this occur and am not sure how long I should let things go before I tell my Doc. I am afraid he will say there is nothing that can be done anyway.
  How severe do you recommend symptoms should get before I report them? I still am working full time but at times the pain is getting to me.
  Thanks for your input. Sorry to sound so frustrated...but I am!!
I'm not sure what to make of the connection between pain and MS. Ear pain and/or eye pain would not necessarily make me think of MS first, but maybe your physician has data not available to me.
Regardless, I would report symptoms as you get them. Don't worry about being a pain. It gives your doctor a chance to re-evaluate the diagnosis and consider treatments not previously used. And it's your quality of life that's at stake.
You may even wish to get a second opinion. Even if you plan to stay with your present doctor, it never hurts. You can gain some confidence that all the treatment options are being looked into. Of course, if you are not satisfied with the treatment your doctor is providing, you should search until you find satisfaction. If treatment is really not possible, then someone should explain why.
You are welcome to call 800 223-2273 and ask for neurology appointments at ext 4-5559. Tell them you have ear pain and eye pain, so they can set you up with an appropriate staff neurologist. Or, if CCF is prohibitively far away, then seek a local second opinion.
I hope this helps. CCF MD mdf.

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