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Ending Twitch Midway duirng SSEP

Thank you so much for sharing your time towards helping others on these boards.  It is such a blessing to have access to your kind expertise.  

I recently had Neuorpsyc. testing, VEP and upper and lower SSEP.  During my upper testing my right thumb twitched consistently until 1/3 way during the test it stopped twitching.  It was very noticeable to me because on my left side my middle finger (left thumb could not get a consistent twitch) twitched like crazy the entire time.

My recentl MRI showed scattered T2 hyperintensities and subcortical white matter matter tracts, predominantly in the
cortical U fibers. The rest of the

2 Questions:

1.Does a visually absent twitch  mean anything in an SSEP such as mine?

2.Does my MRI sound like MS? I have been having intermittent tingling, cognitive, leg stiff/weakness and blurred vision for six months with a fine slight internal vibration for several months.

Thank you so much!

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When a somatosensory evoked potential is performed, an electrical stimulus is applied to a nerve in the arm or leg. Electrodes are placed in various regions, and the machine measures how this electrical stimulus is transmitted to the brain. When the stimulus is applied to the nerve it may cause the muscle to contract, the recordings in the spine and brain are independant of the twitching. The only time a good twitch needs to be documented is if no signals are being detected. Then the presence of a twitch is used to confirm that the electrical stimulus is being applied correctly. Therefore, if the technician was able to record waveforms, the absence of the twitch is not clinically important.

Without reviewing your MRI, I cannot tell you if is consistent with MS. However, based on the description it seems appropriate to consider it. I hope this helps. Good luck.
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