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Essential Tremor or Parkinson's?

I am 70-year-old female (even though my nickname appears male) who has just been diagnosed with essential tremor.    Neurologist also said I had foot neuropathy, but gave no reason for that (I am not diabetic).

Before doctor visit I had some symptoms that seem to be related to Parkinson's only.  Many days of bad dreams, acting out dreams with flailing arms, screaming in sleep.  My handwriting had been difficult to do, I had begun printing most of the time because of hand tremors.  However, instead of getting larger as in essential tremor, it has gotten smaller and cramped and sometimes I cannot even read my notes after a day or so.

It's difficult to judge if it's resting or action tremor.  I have a hard time putting on lipstick and sometimes typing, but then my shaking hands will wake me up, which would seem like resting tremor to me.   My main concern is lack of balance which has caused me to fall a couple of times while outside gardening.  

At this point I am don't want to go to any more doctors.  Should I just wait for a while and live with any symptoms?  Is there an advantage of diagnosing possible early Parkinson's at this point?  

Can anyone help with some ideas?

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A video on youtube entitled "Diagnosing and Treating Vitamin B12 Deficiency" talks some of the symptoms of a deficiency and in fact the mother of the doctor who co wrote the book "Could It Be B12?: An Epidemic of Misdiagnoses" was diagnosed by another doctor with essential tremor but that symptom vanished when she was given vitamin B12.  

As you age stomach acid lowers which is one reason for vitamin B12 malabsorption.  You could try sublingual B12 to see if you feel any better.

Here are some of the numerous possible symptoms of B12 deficiency and you can suffer symptoms in "normal" range as for most countries that range is far too low. And anaemia can be masked (as mine was) with severe vitamin B12 deficiency. The youtube video has a lot of info if you are interested.

Excerpt from B12 Awareness - Signs and Symptoms...

Neurologic signs and symptoms:

Weakness of legs, arms, trunk
Impaired vibration—position sense
Abnormal reflexes
Unsteady or abnormal gait
Balance problems
Difficulty ambulating
Restless legs
Visual disturbances
Forgetfulness, memory loss
Urinary or fecal incontinence

Psychiatric symptoms:

Violent behavior
Personality changes

Hematologic signs and symptoms:

Macrocytosis (enlarged red-blood cells)
Generalized weakness
Shortness of breath
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