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Everything is moving so fast

I have a twelve year old daughter with a strange problem. She gets some sort of "attacks". She will suddenly start saying-why are you all talking so fast or Why is everybody moving so fast. The attack makes her panic and upsets her. we had shown her to a hospital, where they had conducted an EEG and reported as normal. they then later referred her to a psychologist. We could not complete the treatment.
The attacks at first started when she was reprimanded for something, and we thought it was a mental problem. But now a days she gets this attack even when there is no such apparent external mental trigger. What bothers me is whether this is a psychological rpoblem or a neurological problem. Any guidance on this matter will be deeply appreciated.
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Did they also do an MRI in addition to the EEG?  Have you gotten an ear nose and throat specialist to make sure her ears are working properly, including the vestibular part?  Since her vision seems affected, has an opthamologist taken a look at her eyes?  Before you settle on psychological, I think you are on the right track to rule out a medical problem of the body for her behaviour before focusing strictly on pscychological causes.  But about the psychological- you might ask her what she was thinking about before she said that.  It might be that something was going on internally in her brain prior to one of these "attacks".
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An ear, nose and throat doctor can order something called a VNG test.
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Thank you for the response. We took her to a mental health hospital and consulted a psychiatrist and a psychologist. Their responses were:
Psychiatrist: she does not require any psychiatric treatment. Psychological couselling should be enough. Also prescribed a tablet to be taken only when the attack occurs-not compulsory but as a optional medication. The tablet would help in overcoming the attack.MRI not necessary, but advised thyroid functioning test.
Psychologist: She would need about 7-8 sessions. The problem is minor. There is a conflict between reality and the way she perceives.
We are still planning to consult an opthalmologist and an ENT specialist (VNG test) using our pediatrician as a base consultant. We need somebody to advise us after the opinion of all these specialists.
Thanking you once again, and any further opinion/comments are most welcome
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Thank you for the response. Since we consulted both a psychiatrist and a psychologist, the probability of it being OCD seems to be low, as neither of them said anything about it. What do you think?
Thanking you once again.
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Thyroid not functioning at optimum level can definitely cause emotional disturbance- hyper thyroid can cause anxiety and nervousness and I believe hypo can cause depression -glad they suggested getting that checked.  Please private message me about eye and vestibular testing results?  

If I may comment on the OCD suggestion- I thought of that, though I didn't mention it.  You said it first happened after a reprimand, which is one of the reasons why I suggested asking her what she was thinking prior to one of her "attacks".  People often don't want to talk about the thoughts that are disturbing them with obession compulsion disorder.  One of the forms is called "scrupulosity".    Also, if she is thinking OCD thoughts, she might have trouble with tracking what's going on around her during it.  But if she does have OCD and could open up about it in her sessions, they say there is the best possibility of arresting it if it is caught early and dealt with soon enough.  Still, it may have nothing to do with her symptoms and the medical should be thoroughly evaluated.  
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