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Extreme muscle twitching after quitting smoking

I have been experiencing aggressive muscle twitching since I quit smoking a few days ago. It is much worse at night than in the morning. I have searched for "side effects of quitting smoking" and none of the websites I have come across list this issue. The twitching is mostly but not exclusively in my legs. The sharpest/most violent twitch has been in my arm. It is scaring me.
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Hi Jovo,
After going through your history, it appears to me, that you are having withdrawal symptoms (after quitting smoking). Also you might be having anxiety disorder. You can consult a neurologist.
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I figured as much, I just wasn't sure as it never seems to be listed as a common symptom of quitting smoking. I will wait it out for awhile. It's only been five days, and it seems to be subsiding somewhat. Thank you.
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Your the first person after looking all over online or that I've met that has experiened the same symptoms has me.  I quit 2 days ago, and it only happens when I'm going to sleep and it scares the **** out of me.  I know it's been 2 years for you, but I hope you succeeded.  Third times a chram for me.
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Yes, me too its been 3 days since i quit and there is considerable muscle twitching in my left triceps area and it is disturbing me.

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My arm use to twitch or convulse on one quit. Now i find my neck wants to turn my whole head sideways. i just had a big cup of coffee though. ive quit for 4 months. Butteflies will be in my stomach too. Im going to sip on some water. I take ibuprofene if head hurts.
Does this still happen to you?
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I stopped smoking cannabis about 9 days ago. The muscles in my legs arms and sometimes my entire body twitch randomly but mostly when I sit down to relax. I have bad anxiety which I am guessing contributes to it but I'm not a doctor. My anxiety meds help with the twitching.
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It's been about a few months actually from when I smoked, which was in October. I stopped and when I got high, I ripped from a bong like 3-4 times (milking it). I got so high I was hallucinating my v life "glitching" and I felt like I knew the reason for everything. Few days felt alright. And then I've been a anxious for no reasons at times and it was scary.i felt detached from my body, and it freaked me out I've been haveing really vivid dreams. I get this creepy deja vu sometimes hard to deal with. Now chug l violent. And I can't sleep. I'm confused, I felt like I had a nightmare so bad I thought it was real, and it felt like I woke up only 30 minutes later after all the trouble. My vision is flickery, my heart is beating super fast and my muscles are super tight. I need advice :(
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