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Extreme pain in back of thigh..no diagnosis

My sister has had an Undiagnosed condition for three years of horrible leg pain, tightness, stiffness, and leg twitching, daily. She's at her wots end and doesn't want to live. For the last few months there's a NEW condition, probably related to her leg disorder. She's having extreme pain in upper right thigh...in the back and going into butt. It's so bad she can barely move and walk. No answer from any neurologist. She's diabetic but they ruled out neuropathy. The pain almost makes her feel like she's about to pass out. She's trying to get genetic testing but Many places aren't taking her insurance. This is HEARTBREAKING. she's said so many times, I can't take it anymore. Any ideas of what it could possibly be?
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Tell her to request sonogram of her legs and perhaps a vascular doctor
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What ever happened? Did your sister recover?
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Paxiel your answer is not correct. Neurology doctor can also diagnose brain tumors.
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A neurologist can only diagnose nerve pain, if even that, but has she seen an orthopedic surgeon?  There are several possible reasons such as muscle problems, disc problems pinching on nerves, hip problems pinching on nerves, periformis problems pinching the sciatic nerve -- a whole lot of possibilities that neurologists can't diagnose.
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Thanks Paxiled for your reply. Do you know of any specific muscle problems/disorders? She had an MRI done for this new pain and the discs were all ok. It's so frustrating. She had a small pinched nerve but her neurologist said it wouldn't be associated with something this debilitating and bad.
That's inaccurate calmshell. Neurologists diagnose MANY things and not just nerve issues. They treat dementia, you know? They treat and diagnose many things. I don't know if the neurologist ever helped your sister. But agree that another specialty to see is orthapedics. Combined, they hopefully were able to find out what was going on.

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