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  Nine months ago I received a head injury from a car accident.  The
  injury as described by my neurosurgeon was a "complex, open depressed
  skull fracture", I also was operated on for a subdural and epidural
  hemmatoma, with the brain also being irrigated due to a large amount
  of debris.  I have had a remarkable recovery and only have a question
  regarding small gray dots that appear in my vision constantly.  I did
  not have this problem before the accident.  I was told that it might
  be an occular migraine.  What is that and do you suggest any medical
  follow up for this problem?  Thanks so much for your help!!!
Thanks for your question.  There have several clinical case reports, and
medical review articles on the subject of migraines after head traumas.  I
have included references to a few of those articles below.  These articles
were not intended and were not written in layman's term, but they can be
read with some effort, and they can be found in any good university library.
Regarding your specific case, one of the hypotheses of ocular migraine is
an alteration of the blood vessels in the vascular layer of the retina in
the eye, which make those vessels more susceptible to vasoconstricting
stimuli (i.e. the vessel diameters become smaller), thus decreasing the
perfusion to the retina, and causing scotomas ("gray spots").  Given your
history of severe head trauma, one should initially evaluate whether there
was a direct mechanical injury to the retina, which can be done by a good
ophthalmologist.  Ocular migraines are not a common variant of migraines and
your symptoms should be thoroughly investigated to exclude other possibilities.
Post-traumatic migraine: chronic migraine precipitated by minor head or neck trauma [see comments]
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Weiss HD; Stern **; Goldberg J
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J Neurosurg 1988 Feb;68(2):181-8   (ISSN: 0022-3085)
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Hunt L

I hope this information is helpful.  Best of luck.
This information is provided for general medical education purposes only.
Please consult your doctor regarding diagnostic and treatment options.

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I've been having trouble over the last month with my eyesight. When i concentrate on an object and turn my head far away from it , i see a big grey/black spot in my feild of vision in both eyes like a pressure spot. Its like when u push gently in one corner of your eye and u see a spot in the opposite corner. On waking two days ago, i was almost completely blind in my right eye, it was like the pressure spots that i explained but at the top, bottom, side and partially in the centre of my vision. It was so scary. I also had slight eye pain and my eye looked bloodshot and deflated like a prune and like some of the fluid had drained out. I know u should'nt touch the eyeball itself but on touching it, it felt squishy with no "bounce back." this resolved itself within about half an hour. I've recently been to the opticians a few days before this happened and they did pressure tests and internal pictures and could'nt find anything wrong, so could this be a neurological problem such as a brain tumor? Please help, im really scared.    
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