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  Could you explain what a flair is in an MRI.  On a regular MRI the radiologist can note one small lesion, but multiple small white spots appear on the Flair.  While the radiologist noted that they could be either demylinating or vascular, the neurologist was fairly confident they were demylinating.  Why would this be the case?  I was not encourage to have any forther tests, just told I most likely had MS.  Should anything else be ruled out?  
Dear Dianne:
FLAIR sequence on MRI is a technique used mostly to look for lesion inside the brain in areas close to the fluid surrounding it.
Regarding your case, unfortunately I will not be bale to tell you exactly what these lesions are because the MRI images are not avavailable to me.
Concerning the diagnosis of MS, it is usually based on clinical examination results, MRI results, at times visual evoked potentials, brainstem evoked potentials, and/or lumbar puncture results.
It is usually up to the Neurologist to decide what test(s) to use.
If you desire a second opinion at teh Cleveland Clinic Multiple Sclerosis Center, please call 1 800 CCF CARE
Good luck

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