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FLUT SHOT> 2 months> Shoulder Nerve Pain STILL

First off, I want to thank you in advance & ANY advice would help me...I don't have insurance and that is why I am unable to see a physician/neurologist.

I am an intern at a hospital and signed a disclosure to receive the Flu Shot(w/H1N1).  I received the injection in my right deltoid(near the intertubercular groove of my humerus) about 2 months ago.  I never got the "flu" or sick from the injection, although I felt soreness the first week.  After that, the pain developed into almost a Nerve pain when I lift my arm all the way up to the ceiling or flex my deltoid.  It feels like when I move my arm up and inward, there is a great deal of pain.  

I don't know what to do and I am scared that I will have permanent nerve damage or end up paralyzed?  What is possible and what is not?  I tried consulting the hospital/nurse that injected me and they said that I signed a disclosure and pretty much could care less.  Recently, I've been working it out while I experience horrible pain doing so in hopes that it will possibly help.  When I press on the area of the injection towards the outside(twds scapula) of my deltoid, I can feel pain as well.  

Please advise....is this serious and what should be my next step?  I am very concerned.  Thank you.
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Hi there. This is very unfortunate that you being a medical personnel have to go through this aftermath of medical negligence. The possibilities are damage to the radial nerve as it courses in the arm. You need to fix an appointment with a neurologist for an EMG and nerve conduction study to assess the function of the nerve and deltoid muscle.  There are studies underway which suggest an increased association between the swine flu shot and a rare nerve disease, you would know of is guillain barre syndrome. I really would not comment on the prognosis and a neurologist needs to check the nerve and muscle function to comment on any damage caused by the vaccine. Take care.
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I am also in the health field and this happened to a coworker the nurse who gave her the flu shot hit the nerve. Hers was apparently pretty severe and she had to have surgery. I agree an EMG would definitely be needed to assess any nerve damage.
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